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Op-Ed: Election Faceoff – It’s Almighty God Versus Satan

Trump has stated that God comes first, and taken to mentioning Jesus Christ and the Bible publicly in his speeches. Since Christianity is under unprecedented attack, this adds to his list of foes—including the most deadly enemy of all. Photo Credit: Mark Stephens Photography /, licensed.
Trump has stated that God comes first, and taken to mentioning Jesus Christ and the Bible publicly in his speeches. Since Christianity is under unprecedented attack, this adds to his list of foes—including the most deadly enemy of all. Photo Credit: Mark Stephens Photography /, licensed.

WISCONSIN –  An Election stalemate—so now what?  What are we, as Believers in Christ, to think? Has God ‘dropped the ball,’ and decided to stop supporting President Trump? If so, this makes no sense to us. We prayed, we tried so very hard to obey in righteousness, and we also got our collective behinds out to vote. What gives?

As the Bible teaches us, let us make the decision to reason together. And let us also remember that things are not always as they may appear —especially given the fact that Almighty God’s ways are not our ways, and are much higher than our ways.

Let’s begin by examining what we do know, then, shall we? We know that God is still on His mighty throne. Although Satan was given the keys to earth, so to speak, after the fall in the Garden of Eden, God still maintains ultimate control over the Devil and everything in existence.

We also know that God appoints the ‘kings’ of this world. That’s not to say, though, that He won’t give the people a corrupt king if they plead for one—if their wickedness has spiraled to great numbers. Nonetheless, many Believers prayed fervently for Donald Trump to be given this mantle, as he promised to clean up the corruption in the American federal government—and to put our Lord back into the public square, as well as to fight for religious freedom on every level.


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Trump’s victory in 2016 was a shock to everyone, perhaps most of all to himself. And he went on to fulfill his promises, which included putting the mention of God back into the political arena, strengthening the military, putting nations hostile to the USA back a peg or two, establishing energy dominance in America, moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and also recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, putting North Korea’s unstable dictator back on his haunches, defeating ISIS, isolating an ascendant Iran and getting out of the foolish Iran nuclear deal, building an economy that thus far has withstood even a lethal pandemic, getting NATO alliance members to honor their defense expenditure commitments, and confronting Chinese mercantilism and theft of US technology.

Yet here we sit, those of us who backed this warrior of the people, wondering ‘What next?’ We know that there are two very opposing answers to this question. One involves the possibility that God has finally called judgment on America, and will allow a different, corrupt ‘king’ to take over. Perhaps the tipping point of outrageous evil has reach critical mass, and our Lord will no longer strive with it.

Still, the other possibility is definitely worth exploring. And we all know what that is: the miraculous reelection of Donald Trump against all odds.  Just like his election in 2016, in terms of probability.

Since that election, Trump was victorious against all of the filth and vermin that have come against him in the form of impeachment over a phone call, attempted removal using the archaic Logan Act or the emoluments clause of the Constitution, his being declared mentally unbalanced subject to removal by the 25th Amendment, a $48-million and 22-month Mueller investigation that went nowhere, and the targeting of Trump’s family and friends and never-ending quest for his tax returns… the list is endless.

And yet he still stands… still appears to have the Lord God’s apparent favor.

Could it be that God will perform yet another miracle, and thereby simultaneously expose the voter corruption of the Progressive Democratic Party? During the Trump administration, we’ve seen the exposure of corruption in so many different realms: the Democratic lapdog media, big tech, big pharma, Hollywood, many colleges, the Roman Catholic pedophile situation, the Deep State—even the college admissions scandal. And now we see the alleged systemic voter fraud via pre-programmed Dominion software and a slew of other methods.

Thus, it seems entirely possible that another phenomenal shift could be in the works, does it not? And we know that if Trump were to win the election ‘against all odds,’ this would have the Hand-marks of God written all over it—as God many times works in this way to show that He is the one pulling the strings—that it is God, and not Trump or any other force, who is the ultimate conqueror.

Consider the fact that Trump has reestablished prayer in his cabinet meetings and reinserted God into government and the public sphere. We also see how Trump has been perhaps the best friend to God’s ‘chosen people,’ Israel, than any other president. And that leads us to remember how the Lord promises to bless those who bless Israel, and to curse those who curse them.

We also recognize how Trump truly has worked tirelessly to ‘drain the swamp’ in Washington, in all of government—including purging the crazy spending and back-scratching that goes on. As a result, his enemies list is overwhelming to those of us who pray for our president and his safety every day.

Trump has stated that God comes first, and also taken to mentioning Jesus Christ and the Bible publicly in his speeches. Since Christianity is under unprecedented attack, this also adds to his list of foes—including the most deadly enemy of all: Satan.

Yes, we see Satan pulling the strings behind all of the evil people and entities that come against Trump—some wittingly and some unwittingly.  All of this as the world turns more and more toward the one-world government, economy, and religion as prophesied in the Holy Bible.

And now we see, front and center, in real-time, that the stage is set.  There are some lining up behind Satan and his minions, and some behind God and his warriors. Ephesians 6:12 comes to mind: “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

The stakes are so very high in this chess match, in terms of which side we choose, for it involves our eternal soul.

And as we Believers in Christ line up behind President Trump, yet another point comes to mind, something that also leans toward possible Divine intervention on Trump’s behalf.  We remember that God is very keen on names, as we saw when Jacob in Scripture demanded a blessing while wrestling with and defeating an angel of God—and Jacob was told that henceforth his name would be called Israel, meaning ‘One Who Struggles With God.’

We also know that all Believers in Christ will be given a special name by God in Heaven—one that only He and the Believer knows. Consequently, let’s take a look at the meaning behind the names of some of the main ‘players’ in this unfolding drama.

There’s Amy Coney Barrett.  She was conspicuously put on the United Stated Supreme Court at the very last minute. And are you ready for this?  The Biblical meaning of the name Amy is ‘God Has Given.’  Yes, you read that correctly.

The meaning of the name Donald, by the way, is ‘Ruler of the World.’  Getting more interesting, isn’t it?  But there’s more. Samuel—as in Alito, the Justice who has now unexpectedly stepped into the fray—means ‘Name of God,’ or ‘God Heard.’ And let’s not forget William—as in William Barr, the head of our federal law enforcement investigating alleged voter fraud—which means ‘Determined Protector.’  Or how about the name Michael—as in our beloved man of God Mike Pence—which means ‘Who is Like God.’

And so as we watch this election stalemate unfold, we remain on our knees in constant prayer—heartfelt prayer that any corruption, if indeed it happened as some say, is revealed in all of its debauchery. For the entire world to see.

And let us also pray that this tense situation draws President Trump even closer to our sweet Lord.  Trump suddenly seems uncharacteristically quiet and withdrawn… unlike anything we’ve ever seen out of him. This election situation could well be his nemesis. This challenge, perhaps, has finally brought him to the end of his rope, humbled him completely—a state that would indeed result in his calling out to his Lord and Savior to tackle this unrelenting and formidable evil, thus admitting that he needs God, that it is entirely God who pulls the strings and not him.

If Almighty God is indeed using this strategy, it would mirror a tactic that our Lord used throughout the Holy Bible, especially in the Book of Ezekiel, during the upcoming war of Gog and Magog—where Israel is victorious despite unbelievable odds. And things really seem to come together when we are given God’s reason for using this particular strategy in the statement that He repeats no less than 33 times in Ezekiel:

“Then they will know that I am the Lord.”

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