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Op-Ed: 70% of Republicans Believe That the Election Was Rigged; That Naming Biden President-Elect Was Too Premature

Supporters of President Trump rallied on Nov. 14, 2020, in Washington. The “Million MAGA March," drew hundreds of supporters of Donald Trump to the nation's capital on Saturday in protest of President-elect Joe Biden's election win.
Supporters of President Trump rallied on Nov. 14, 2020, in Washington. The “Million MAGA March,” drew hundreds of supporters of Donald Trump to the nation’s capital on Saturday in protest of President-elect Joe Biden’s election win. 

DELRAY BEACH, FL – If I told you before this past presidential election that President Trump would receive 10 million more votes over his 2016 total, that he would receive 10% more of the black vote, that he would receive a record number of Hispanic votes, and that he would lose the election to a cognitively deficient opponent, you’d probably want to put me in the loony-bin? But, as of now, that is what has happened. Also, when more people voted in the battleground states than were registered to vote and many of the ballots (many, many thousands) had only voted for Biden as president (and no down ballot candidates), you might come to the conclusion that fraud was in play and that is why President Trump has been declared the loser by the media and some suspect Secretary’s of State in Democrat controlled states.

President Trump had a big lead in the voting in the various battleground states on election night, but after vote counting was suspended in the late evening, the vote totals the next morning, and days after, miraculously were turned around and Biden became the vote total leader. Do you “smell a rat” over this change of events? Charges have been made that bundles of votes were delivered to the vote counting rooms in the fraud-prone cities of Philadelphia and Detroit. Was it possible that the ballot boxes were “stuffed” with Joe Biden votes? It seems that is what happened as Republican vote observers were barred from observing what was going on. The voting procedure laws and election procedures were violated in these voter fraud cities.

How all the lawsuits by the Republicans will shake out if they can prove widespread corruption in the gathering and counting of votes, will have to be determined in the days to come.

It is mind boggling that during the campaign, one of the candidates (President Trump) traveled all around the country speaking before tens of thousands of enthusiastic supporters, and the other candidate, Joe Biden, hardly ever emerged from his basement bunker to campaign before audiences. When he did emerge, he talked before 50 to 100 scattered supporters at most and took very few questions from the public or the media (the media generally asked softball questions as opposed to the confrontational questions they asked of President Trump). In addition, on many occasions, Joe Biden, when he did speak without the use of a teleprompter, he had a tendency to make gaffes and to mangle his words, and used most of his time attacking Trump personally and not putting any emphasis on his policy issues he would pursue as president.

Most Republicans, 70% at last count according to Politico, believe that the election was rigged and fraudulent, and that naming Biden president-elect is too premature.

However, when the presidential election has finally determined a winner, we must not let our voting procedures be subject to one party approval in changing those procedures arbitrarily in the future. Let’s start by eliminating “universal mail-in ballots” sent to all voters regardless of whether they requested them or not, shorten up the pre-election days when people could vote (months in advance is ridiculous), counting ballots without signature verification and not being dated tremendously opens up the chance for fraud to take place.

My remedy is that voting should be done in person (except for absentee ballots for infirm people or for people out of town that can be verified), and that we should set aside three days prior to the normal election day, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and election day for voting. This way we could verify who is or who is not eligible to vote.

We cannot continue on this method of voting chaos. Too much fraud is possible when we don’t have safeguards to prevent illegal votes. The lawful and legal votes should not be diluted by illegal votes being cast. Legal voters should demand that our votes only – are used to determine elections – not phantom voters.

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