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Op-Ed: Let’s Out The “Uncle Irvings” Among Us

Uncle Irvings

BOCA RATON, FL – I don’t like to plagiarize the idea from blacks who label the traitors to their own people with an easily identifiable and detested label, but I’m still going to do it. Let them sue me. Those Jews who willingly, openly and shamelessly support Jew haters, shall heretofore and forever after, be called, “Uncle Irvings.” They are to be referred to as such and when they squirm like worms, as surely they will, and cry “Intimidation!” just smile and continue this vivid description of them in your talks, communications and conversations. This method of tattooing will out them and infuriate them. That’s the goal. Of course, our targets will be the Jewish in Name Only (JINO) Democrats. 

But not only the elected ones who support the likes of Ilhan Omar, AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, Bill DeBlasio and the Georgia bigot, Raphael Warnock, now deadlocked in that state’s Senatorial race, but also our local common, every day folk who support these venomous creatures, their policies and their party. I’m talking about all local card carrying Jewish members of the Democrat Party, whether they be minor officials or merely the rank-in-file dummies, who speak out for and cast their votes, robot-like, for Uncle Irving candidates to represent us officially. They’re all part of the group-think mentality that undermined our people, who supported the Russian Revolution, the Communists, the early Adolph Hitler, Castro and who now call themselves, “Democrats.” These Uncle Irvings voted overwhelmingly for Obama who was a loyal 20+ year member of Rev. Wright’s Jew hating church. And then again, even after he shamelessly showed his hatred toward Israel and Jews during his first term. Dummies.

I’ll have no patience, pity nor forgiveness for these dangerous individuals. Their actions are voluntary. They are all otherwise intelligent individuals who are well schooled, business-wise and all fall into the high end of the middle class range. And down here in Boca Raton and its environs, we’re plagued with a well politicized group of rabbis who run interference and give their biased pulpit sermons in support of the policies of the Democrat Party whose leaders chuckle at their knee bending to the Progressive Left. Don’t they know of the hostility to Jews and Israel emanating from The Party? Are they blind to the absence of any elected Democrats at the commemoration of the move of our Embassy to Jerusalem? Of the lack of applause to President Trump by our Uncle Irving members of Congress, for his accomplishments of safeguarding Jewish college students? For clamping down on Iran’s terrorism? Of the President’s successful Peace move in the Middle East, after hundreds of years of hate, death and destruction in that volatile area to finally try to unite Arabs, Jews and Christians for the sake of humanity? No way. Our Jewish(?) clergy are wrapped up in support of those who would hand us all, carved, wooden bars of fake “soap” on our final march to the showers. I condemn these Uncle Irving rabbis and their followers. They know better but they won’t act better.

We Jews have a long, hard way before us in this land. Our enemies are being strengthened by the mounting number of true Jew haters being voted and put into local, regional and federal offices. The Progressive Left has made a devil’s pact with the radical Muslims and the street thug like crowds of BLM and Antifa, all of whom share one basic tenet, they despise and reject Jews. It’s time to label the JINO’s among us, those who give their blessings to our enemies as, “Uncle Irvings.” They deserve our outrage, disrespect and impiety. Let’s out the “Uncle Irvings” among us.

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