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Op-Ed: Trump Will Have To Order Executive Protective Service To Keep Drooling, Delusional Biden Away From White House Front Gate

President Donald Trump walks to “The Beast” limousine with Air Force Major General John P. Healy in the background wearing a face mask at Dobbins Air Reserve Base. September 25, 2020, Marietta, GA, Editorial credit: Evan El-Amin /, licensed.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – The rush by Joe Biden and his corporate media propagandists to prematurely claim victory in the 2020 presidential election is the finale to an elaborate, long-planned Psychological Operation or “PsyOp” directed at the American People. The key to Biden’s “victory” has been aggressive censorship of non-believers in all mass media and on all major social media outlets. I tried to warn of this probability in the weeks before the election.

The mainstream propaganda fed to voters reinforced the narrative that a backlash over the President’s handling of COVID-19 and an exodus of suburban women voters spelled certain defeat for the President. Bolstering this spin was an avalanche of bogus polls over the months leading up to the election showing the President hopelessly trailing his largely-invisible opponent. Meanwhile, any attempts at objective, factual reporting of Hunter Biden’s scandalous laptop and incriminating e-mails, containing very real evidence of influence-peddling involving the former Vice President, disappeared from public view thanks to a full media blackout. The only exception to this was in glancing superficial coverage by the New York Times (whose columnists insisted they were fake) and NBC questioning the authenticity of the younger Biden’s e-mails. (Of course, these stories were half-baked fake news – the emails have been authenticated beyond dispute.)

This sophisticated campaign of mass manipulation by the entrenched American political and media establishments had two objectives: 1) discourage and dampen the enthusiasm of Trump voters and, more importantly, 2) make the theft of the 2020 election through voter fraud possible, by making a Trump defeat seem plausible, if not inevitable.

Undergirding all this is the arrogant presumption by corporate media and their Silicon Valley fellow travelers that they have the power to dictate the outcome of the election and thereby decide who the President will be. Notwithstanding almost-laughable attempts to stampede the country into accepting the outcome they pre-ordained, Joe Biden currently has no legitimate claim to anything, since counting and recounting are still underway. No official vote totals have been presented to legally certify any result, and State legislatures have yet to designate their respective delegations of electors who will ultimately make up the electoral college.

Until and unless the electoral college certifies that Joe Biden has been elected president, he is nothing more than another American citizen – in Biden’s case one who is suspected of epic corruption for which widespread evidence has been actively suppressed by his puppeteers, using their vast influence in corporate-owned media and across the internet.

The New York Times actually Tweeted that they (media) decide who the next President is. These snot-nosed, pasty-faced DC-NYC elitists decide nothing. (now deleted and corrected)

The corporate media types are going to great lengths to perpetuate the myth that Biden’s election is a done deal. They trotted out RINO quisling Mitt Romney, who betrayed Trump on impeachment and has attacked the president on a regular basis. Romney the carpetbagger knows that any return to Utah would be dangerous, given voter outrage toward him in the Beehive State.

Adding to the roster of Republican has-beens betraying their better in the White House, the media happily reported George W. Bush’s claim that Biden has been elected. These orchestrated attempts to undermine President Trump’s position in the fight against Democrat election theft are impressing no one. Romney has always been a wealthy dilettante totally out of touch with the party’s grassroots. His claim to Chris Wallace that he is conservativeis as laughable as it is revealing. George W. Bush who endorsed Hillary Clinton and is part of the globalist establishment pretending Joe Biden has been elected President and silencing anyone who challenges this dubious proposition on social media. 

Biden’s presumptuous naming of a COVID-19 “task force” that has proposed nothing President Trump has not already done, while signaling plans for a second shutdown that will crush America’s economy, will only ensure that Joe Biden will be as hated as Herbert Hoover. Combine this with massive tax increases and a return to burdensome regulations and it is easy to see why Biden so casually predicted a “dark winter” for America. 

The announcement of multiple executive orders which he has zero authority to issue to anyone anywhere is yet more of Biden’s con game of acting like he’s President. Biden and his handlers hope you will ignore the fact that the 290 electoral votes he is claiming for himself will be disclaimed once the votes are all counted and the Biden fraud is undone. If anything, Donald Trump will have to order the executive protective service to keep a drooling, delusional Joe Biden away from the White House front gate. 

In a recent interview, Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller was asked if President Trump would run again in 2024. Miller’s response was that the President would be a strong candidate if he ran, not recognizing that the misleading question comes with the implication that the President has been defeated. Little Marco Rubio, another neocon, went on parrot the same thing. The correct answer would have been “No, the President cannot run in 2024 because he is barred from serving more than two consequent terms!” 

The 2020 election is nothing if not a blazing demonstration of the depths of leftist Democrat hypocrisy and deceit. The exact same dishonest partisan talking heads who spent three years peddling abject lies about the Trump campaign’s colluding with the Russian state now willfully ignore a mounting body of evidence proving systematic voter fraud, treating all of this compelling and even overwhelming proof with, at best, total incuriosity. Like the “Russian collusion” hoax, Joe Biden’s victory exists solely in the delusional minds of partisan Democrat zealots and their insipid media propagandists. 


Regardless of how brazenly fraudulent a Biden victory would have to be, the media is nonetheless fully committed to a monolithic cult-like effort to gaslight the country into capitulating to a Biden presidency. This post-election sandbagging for Biden is merely the culmination of months and months of obstructive actions intended to make the President’s re-election an insurmountable climb. The media imposed a literal blackout on any coverage whatsoever that would be even the slightest bit critical of Biden while continuing their years of slanted negative coverage of the President. Piling on to this were the tech giants, imposing wholesale de-platforming and censorship on conservatives, Christians, Republicans, and other Trump supporters.

Unfortunately, these dirty tactics by Trump opponents were only compounded by his own campaign’s pissing away of a huge financial advantage they had at the outset, operating with no spending controls or budget discipline and totally failing to do what every winning campaign in modern times has done: hoard large sums of money for a competitive media blitz in the final three weeks of the campaign. It didn’t end up mattering – Trump won the majority of legal votes cast anyway.

Despite the President’s stellar record on job growth and criminal justice issues alone, the lack of funds for paid advertising severely curtailed the ability to break through the Corporate media/Internet media blockade. Fortunately, a super-human effort by the President drove these messages through at the local media level in the countless key markets where his incredible rallies were held. Only one person deserves credit for this feat; Donald J. Trump.

Polls showed that when black Americans were made aware of Joe Biden’s authorship of the 1994 Crime Bill that created the harsh mandatory penalties for first-time nonviolent possession of even small amounts of drugs, a truly destructive public policy which disproportionately harmed black communities all across America, they switched their support to Donald Trump. This shift was only further reinforced when black voters became aware of President Trump’s stewardship of the First Step Act and the Second Chance Act. These seminal criminal justice reform measures will potentially save the lives of thousands of black people who have been unjustly targeted with police state tactics for decades by Joe Biden and the Democrats’ endlessly expanding big government. 

While the President raised this issue in both debates and it no doubt contributed to his record 26% support among black voters – the highest percentage ever won by any Republican candidate for President – the campaign’s failure to push this message with a sustained urban radio presence in the key swing markets of Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Miami/Fort-Lauderdale, Charlotte and Minneapolis blunted the President’s unprecedented inroad into this historically Democrat constituency. It is a pity that so many black Americans never learned of Jared Kushner’s significant accomplishment on behalf of his father-in-law in bringing about real criminal justice and sentencing reform. Regardless of the political implications, it is now a historical reality that Donald Trump was the only political figure in either party who had the courage and compassion to finally reverse the failed, racist drug war and mass incarceration policies that were so aggressively pursued by Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Despite these errors by his campaign, President Trump’s almost super-human performance as a candidate resulted in his staging a most improbable comeback, winning a majority of the legal votes cast nationwide. President Trump reminded me of what I had read about President Harry when Truman rejected establishment predictions of his certain defeat and fought his way to an upset victory after barnstorming the country by train, pushing a combination of anti-elite humor and slashing attacks on Congressional Republicans. President Trump worked at a truly-breakneck pace, in a nonstop blitz of his signature rallies in swing states, seizing back victory by sheer determination and indomitable will to secure an electoral majority when the legal votes were counted. Considering the incredibly-manipulative broad-based censorship of the President and his millions of supporters in both mainstream media and on internet platforms, the President’s stunning victory is only that much more impressive and historic.

Just as they created an “Iron Curtain” with their underhanded, dishonest Russian collusion hoax, the corporate propagandist “mainstream” media are now engaging wholesale in literally Soviet-style authoritarian tactics. The ruthless leftist borg that corporate mass media has become, in collusion with effete Tech-Lef Marxists of the same megalomaniacal self-dealing ilk, has now fully degenerated into a monolithic juggernaut of censorship, suppression, and utterly-deceitful propaganda peddling for a single radical political sect and the major political party it has completely taken over. I know. I have been their victim.

This dangerous totalitarian cabal of would-be ruling elites in media, tech, academia, entertainment, and big corporate money interests are now run amok in a literal jihad of aggressive suppression, censorship, and bold-faced lying, all intended to bury the horrible truth about Joe Biden’s unprecedented personal corruption while creating a black hole into which it is throwing anyone and anything attempting to inform the American people about and publish the growing mountain of credible, incontrovertible evidence substantiating the President’s well-founded claims of serious and egregious ballot fraud in critical states with razor-thin margins separating the two major-party candidates. 


The only way President Trump won’t be President is if he concedes the election. The Trump I have known for 40 years is a fighter who won’t do that. So stop watching the fake news and “let your heart not be troubled” (as my friend Sean Hannity would say) and live your life knowing this will all work out. 

There is now overwhelming evidence of systematic election fraud and ballot tampering taking place in more than enough states for the courts to immediately act to enjoin still-ongoing criminal tampering and order whatever measures are necessary to defeat the mass fraud being perpetrated, in particular by blocking any illegal declarations of victory by corrupt partisan Democrat state officials who are the tip of the spear for this despicable push to steal the presidency for the doddering 78-year-old career politician and corrupt former Vice President propped up at the top of their ticket.

Just as they created a false narrative designed to numb Trump supporters into a sense of hopelessness during the election, they now seek to use an overwhelming press, broadcast and social media push to ram through a fraudulent certification of Biden, who had trouble drawing crowds over 200, as the winner of the presidential election, willfully ignoring and absurdly insisting that there exists no evidence of systematic voter fraud. Even more outlandishly, incapable of ever taking a rational, believable alternate position, they are going so far as to simply proclaim not only that there is no voter fraud at all, but that voter fraud is simply impossible and could never occur, what with all of these honest, good faith, fair-dealing Democrat zealots like them running the entire system. Next, they will be telling us the world is flat and there is no such thing as gravity.

This media-imposed psychological manipulation is intended to deny and delegitimize the President’s victory in the race and bury his righteous efforts to stop their despicable steal. The stampede mobsters who insist that Biden won claim he secured 290 electoral votes. A closer look at virtually every state, however, reveals that there is overwhelming and compelling evidence of voter fraud, regardless of the uninformed, incurious proclamations of establishment go-along/get-along capitulators like Neil Cavuto (ugh).

In fact, there is SO much solid evidence of different types of voter fraud and so many available courses of legal action that I am only posting in this discussion the strongest of arguments to be presented in court based on prior rulings, in order to lay out the path forward for the President. 

Space will not allow us to detail all of the evidence of voter fraud here, but liberal elitists would do well to look here

Assistant Attorney General Richard Pilger, who in a bit of grandstanding, resigned from the Department of Justice baldly claiming that there is no evidence whatsoever of voter fraud, should also take a minute to peruse these links. While I’m sure the mainstream media is busy lionizing him as another brave member of the “resistance,” Pilger is in reality a derelict in his former duties and a disgrace to the legal profession. In a righteous world, Pilger would join other partisan subversives who have infested and corrupted the Department of Justice in being disbarred.

It is imperative for the President not only to fight to present this evidence in court, he must be prepared to take his case all the way to the United States Supreme Court if this is what is necessary to defeat the systematic and ubiquitous fraud engineered by Democrat criminals. 

Now I will summarize the states in question and only the most egregious examples of the actionable issues that have been uncovered by Mayor Giuliani and the Trump legal team.

In no way should it be inferred from my list here that it is exclusive or that additional lawsuits will not be filed as further evidence comes to light. Assuming that the Trump Campaign will file lawsuits in five states, seeking to overturn any election result tainted by fraud, it is vital to recognize that the Trump Campaign needs to prevail in only two state courts to prevent Joe Biden from illicitly procuring the 290 electoral votes that he and his sycophants are busy claiming as a done deal. Whether or not any of the state lawsuits succeed, the grounds for an appeal to the US Supreme Court are substantial and consequential enough to make this a more than promising route to achieve justice. 

Just to demonstrate how the media elites manipulate the optics to rig public perception around the result they are maniacally working to engineer, by any means; note that North Carolina has yet to be called for the President. In a collusive effort by major media outlets to reinforce a manufactured facade of finality for Joe Biden, the Mach speed by which FOX called Arizona for Biden is beyond absurd when compared to the total media foot-dragging in calling the Tar Heel State for the president. Though this call would not impact their presumed total of 290 electoral votes for Biden, it is a cheap, underhanded media ploy to deny President Trump the fullness of his own electoral victories and cynically suppress any legitimate perception that he is still able to win. This indefensible refusal to put this clear win into the President’s column is not journalistic caution or factual scrupulousness (please, what a joke)… it is flat-out psychological warfare. 

Pennsylvania’s dubious reported result is facing legal challenges by the Trump campaign, with a high probability of success given the scope and scale of Democrat lawbreaking, in which vote-counting facilities were run with about as much non-partisan integrity as the Democrat National Committee Headquarters. Republican election monitors were banished or refused entry by low-level Democrat operatives nominally acting as election workers, some unabashedly wearing Biden-Harris facemasks. Views into counting areas were then physically obstructed with makeshift clapboard, while the thuggish Democrat operatives openly defied court orders commanding election officials to admit Republican monitors. The grotesque scene of rampant election crimes being perpetrated behind a wall of Democrat thuggery and obstruction was simply ignored by the Biden media stooges whose sole concern was that the Democrat minions get the election fraud job done, whatever it took, so they could quickly shift to their Biden victory narrative, laden with mindless dismissals and scornful attacks on anyone daring to demand accountability or even just raise questions about the obvious systematic violations of law. 

Back in civilized reality, four U.S. Supreme Court justices have already said that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court cannot unilaterally legislate the state’s voting rules, supplanting the will of the legislative body for its own. In fact, Justice Samuel Alito issued an order requiring that votes counted after 8:00 P.M. on election day be segregated. He did so because these ballots were “cast” based on the judicially-legislated rules the four justices said could not stand. Justice Amy Coney-Barrett is likely to agree with them, as a matter of law and principle.

If these unlawful ballots are disallowed, Pennsylvania will be removed from the Biden column and the Keystone State will return to its status as a Trump win. Notably, as of this writing Real Clear Politics retracted its call of Pennsylvania as a Biden win and has now listed the state as pending final decision. Scranton Joe and his marauders can’t be too happy about that harbinger.

In Nevada, the Trump campaign lawyers identified at least 3,500 votes cast by individuals who actually reside in California. The Democrat propaganda media, when not compiling enemies lists of Trump supporters for presumable liquidation once the senile Mask King seizes total power, have been churning out a gush of shallow repetitious “news” stories attacking any efforts to expose irregularities in the vote-counting. When all is said and done, Nevada is also likely to end up in the Trump column.

It has now been confirmed that Wisconsin election clerks were specifically directed, and in fact followed such direction, to modify mail-in ballots by filling in the blanks where witnesses are to provide information required for their act of witnessing an absentee vote to be complete and valid. This ballot alteration by those who are not, in fact, the actual witnesses, is indisputably a violation of state election law, which clearly states that the voter [and only the voter] can mark or otherwise alter a mail-in voter form. There are at least 20,000 of these spoiled ballots. They will be disallowed.

In Michigan, it was reported by election officials that at least one voting machine had falsely counted thousands of votes for Biden rather than Trump. The result was that the correction of this error in just one of forty-seven counties using that same software shifted 6000 votes to Donald Trump. The 130,000 votes that miraculously appeared overnight for Biden, while simultaneously adding ZERO votes for President Trump (a statistical impossibility), will also be challenged. A state lawsuit has been filed. This too is a likely win in the US Supreme Court. 

In a hurry to anoint Joe Biden, the media doesn’t want you to know this is going to the Supreme Court, which will necessarily rule that the election is invalid due to fraud or material mistakes occurring in numerous if not countless instances on a nationwide scale. To be clear, there is no minimum threshold of demonstrable fraud beneath which an election cannot be invalidated, if the fraud has been perpetrated in a manner that cannot be explicitly calculated and undone, thus removing the taint of fraud from the results. 

Biden’s lead is Georgia is now down to 1% and election officials this week announced a hand recount. The Biden lead is shrinking daily in Arizona. Nether is a certainty for either candidate this time yet both have been called for Biden. I rest my case. 

A little bit of fraud is not some acceptable or negligible circumstance, if that fraud cannot be clearly identified, singled out, isolated and purged. If there is clear evidence of systematic fraud, but it was perpetrated in a manner which resulted in its being indistinguishable after the fact from legitimate, lawful votes – as would be the case if poll workers were ordered to illegally alter ballots, but the unlawful ballots were then commingled with all of the legal ballots – then the only remedy is to strike the election in its entirety and order a revote, or allow for the constitutional course of action set forth for such instances to play itself out. It would sure be a pity if the Democrats’ efforts to conceal their voter fraud results in them causing the spoiling of the entire election in their respective states. 

The final course of this epoch will go one of two ways; either the high Court will rule that all the unconstitutional mail-in ballots be removed and a recount be conducted, without their yielding victory to the President, or they will simply rule the election is invalid due to mass voter fraud, and at that point, the election will be sent to the House of Representatives and Senate for a final vote. In this instance, the vote is not by individual legislator, but by state delegation, with each getting a single vote for their state. Thirty of the state delegations are held by Republicans and 19 by Democrats. The Republicans will vote for Trump – they have no choice due to the 12th Amendment of the Constitution – and the Senate will vote for the Vice President, where a similar procedure will take place. This will all happen in January. The only way President Trump won’t be President for a 2nd term is if he concedes the election, and if there is one thing that is an absolute metaphysical certainty it is that this will NEVER happen. 

To be clear, neither the state nor federal courts have the final say in this epic saga. Regardless of judicial rulings, Republicans in the state legislatures have an obligation to review the massive evidence of voter fraud and determine whether the election has been legally and honestly conducted, before deciding who should represent the state in the all-important electoral college. This is not some interpretation or opinion, it is a black letter constitutional provision. In 2016, desperate loser Hillary Clinton argued that electors were not bound by the results in their states. The entire MAGA Stop the Steal movement must weigh in with Republican state legislators to ensure that these elected representatives do not shirk their solemn duty under the Constitution, and that they reject any result tainted by ballot fraud. Incumbent Republican legislators should recognize their vulnerability in future Republican primaries if they fail to do their duty.

Karl Rove, who always reminded me of a wax pear that sat on the radiator too long, insists that voter fraud on the scale that we have witnessed is impossible because it would require far too immense a conspiracy. While Rove is a historian, he makes the mistake of assuming that all of the voter fraud in the 2020 election was of the traditional Big City Democrat Machine variety:  forged or fraudulent mail-in ballots, absentee voter fraud, votes by unregistered or ineligible persons, illegal immigrant voting, deceased persons being voted, multiple votes from the same person and the ever-popular after-hours ballot fabrication followed by their late-night delivery to the Board of Elections in a suitcase (Yes, Broward County, Florida, we’re looking at you!).

In fact, Rove is onto something. There are now two developing controversies that likely affected the outcome, beyond the usual vote fraud practices. The first regards a powerful supercomputer system known as “The Hammer.” This program includes an exploit application known as Scorecard that is capable of hacking into elections and stealing the vote. This is according to CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, who designed and built the program.

In fact, confidential audio recordings released by U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow in November 2015, revealed that this computer program was used by the Obama Campaign on Florida state election computers to steal the 2012 presidential election for Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

There is now evidence that this Scorecard program has stolen votes in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona by tampering with the state election board computers at the transfer points of their computer systems and with outside third party election data vaults, as votes are electronically transferred. 

One example of these third party entities is in Florida, in which one of these transfer points is Tallahassee-based VR Systems Inc. The program uses a prismatic scoring algorithm to achieve the results desired by those who control it. Software vendor VR Systems operates in eight U.S. states. 

A crazy conspiracy theory you say? CIA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, who designed the Scorecard program, turned over evidence of illegally harvested surveillance and election data in August 2015 and December 2015 to the FBI and CIA under two immunity agreements that were granted to Montgomery by Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis and FBI General Counsel James Baker. Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte invoked the State Secrets Privilege and the Government Protective Act against Montgomery in order to muzzle Montgomery and prevent him from revealing illegal acts that had been committed by the government. If Montgomery was not credible, why did the government move so aggressively to silence him? 

This is but one of the technological methods that figure into Biden’s victory. Georgia and Michigan have already reported ‘glitches’ in electronic vote counting. Both states use a system built by Dominion Voting Systems. In September 2019, Bill Gates’s company Microsoft partnered with Dominion and seven other voting systems. As part of the deal, they worked with Galios and an offshoot called

Dominion Voting Systems owner, Joe Kiniry, is a leftist activist with ties to Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton, and the DNC. Kiniry designed and implemented the software, and has boasted that insecure voter data can “very easily” create a pathway to “massive” voter fraud. Kiniry, who is the CEO of Free & Fair (a partner in Dominion) stated, “If you can go in there and delete rows based on someone’s name or political affiliation, we will have a massively screwed up election process on the day.”

The most vital thing the President’s supporters can do right now to shatter the carefully constructed Biden victory masquerade is to mobilize in nonviolent protests against this third attempted coup d’etat against President Donald Trump. The President deftly used the massive crowd sizes at his rallies to demolish the media-pushed myth that Biden’s support was broader than his, and that the polls used to advance this myth could not possibly be right, given the size and the intensity of the President’s demonstrated support. 

To the many Trump supporters that have reached out to me, asking me what they can do, I say: MOBILIZE and have others mobilize, in order to take this fight to the streets, where numbers have real strength. 

Most importantly, on Saturday, November 14th, Stop the Steal in cooperation with a number of lesser conservative organizations, will be sponsoring a peaceful protest in Washington D.C. Today, the Trump Campaign, which spent millions of dollars developing a sophisticated database of supporters, has not engaged with us to turnout Trump supporters to this vital rally.

Nevertheless, I urge all Patriots who can possibly attend to join us and make your voices heard. Patriots who love this country and refuse to let a bunch of elitist pukes highjack the US Constitution must join us in this historic gathering for this most righteous crusade perhaps in modern American history.

If you can’t make it to DC, Stop the Steal is sponsoring protests this Saturday and every Saturday in the State Capitols. Your participation is vital if we are going to prevent the heist of the 2020 election and preserve our democratic Republic. 

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