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Op-Ed: That Popular Phrase, “I Smell A Rat” – This Past Election Fits The Definition

I Smell A Rat
It’s ironic that months ago, Trump said that the only way he would lose the election was by the Democrats cheating and fixing the results in their favor. How prescient was he in making that observation? He was widely condemned for saying that, as usual. Photo credit, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – When someone says the phrase “I Smell a Rat” it means they feel something is not quite right. They may feel suspicious of a situation or of another person. To me, this past election fits this definition to a tee.

It’s ironic that months ago, President Trump said that the only way he would lose the election was by the Democrats cheating and fixing the results in their favor. How prescient was he in making that observation? He was widely condemned for saying that, as usual.

All the talk about rigged elections seems to have come true especially in the so-called “Battleground States”. When voting rules were changed by the Democrats only, you got the feeling that something was not right. Sure enough, it came to pass, as any non-partisan observant person could “smell a rat”.

Let’s look at the voting changes that took place since the beginning of the year that left the door open for some individuals to commit fraud and to “stuff” ballot boxes.

Many of the contested states opted for “universal mail-in” votes, whereby ballots were sent to all registered voters regardless if they requested them or not. Who knows who received those ballots? Were they sent to people who had moved and were non-residents, or were they sent to people who were no longer alive, or were they sent to anyone who got their hands on them illegally? In addition, some states passed voting rules that votes could be handed in days after the November 3rd election day. Many votes were turned in and counted after the real voting date and many with no valid signature or date on them. Another point where someone could “smell a rat” was that in many states the number of people who voted exceeded the number of registered voters on the books. How could that be in a fair and honest election? It certainly infers that fraud was present.

It boggles the mind that a candidate for the office of president, could spend most all of the campaign hunkered down in his basement while his opponent traveled all over the country holding rallies in front of many, many thousands of people. The Biden campaign must’ve realized that the “fix was in” in the various battleground states, and that the votes were there for Biden no matter if he campaigned or not.

It is no coincidence that Democrats had fixed elections in the past, including the presidential election of John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon in 1960, whereby votes mysteriously turned up in that notorious corrupt city of Chicago and in the state of Texas, the home state of VP candidate, Lyndon B. Johnson, which was just enough votes to put the Democrat ticket over the top. Also, more recently, was the Senatorial election contest in Minnesota between Republican Senator Norm Coleman and his challenger, Democrat, comedian, Al Franken. On election night Coleman went to bed with thousands of votes in the lead, but woke up in the morning after many thousands of votes were turned in, by magic, that gave the election to Franken. Why Coleman never vigorously challenged the outcome is still a mystery to observers. It seems most all questions of voter fraud is leveled against the Democrats and not the Republicans. Would you call that a pattern of deceit?

It looks like a similar situation has occurred in a few of the battleground states this election cycle, as President Trump was leading on the night of November 3, but in the days after, votes turned up to change the election results especially in states that had “universal mail-in ballots”. That’s where the phrase “I smell a rat” comes into play as most of the votes turned in late were for the benefit of Joe Biden, especially in the corrupt cities of Philadelphia and Detroit. As usual, the question could be asked, “How come we never find missing or late Republican votes?

Whether Biden is finally declared the winner, it left a bad taste in the mouths of Republicans as they feel they have been “screwed”. A poll found that 70% of the Republicans feel that way.

The integrity of our elections must be made honest in the future or the disunity that we see now between the competing factions, will continue, or the phrase “I smell a rat” will be the phrase that will permeate all our future elections.

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