Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Claims He Can “Prove” That Dead Americans’ Identities Were Used to Vote In The 2020 Election; Other Media Can Too


NEW YORK, NY – Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night claimed that voter fraud did indeed occur during the 2020 presidential election in the form of 25 people who somehow managed to cast ballots in the race, despite the fact that they had reportedly been dead at the time.

During his broadcast, Carlson complained about mainstream media outlets who have claimed that there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud that contributed to the victory of Democratic challenger and former Vice President Joe Biden over incumbent Donald Trump.

“The position of corporate media across the country this week has been very simple – there has been no voter fraud,” he said. “You’re hearing virtually the same thing from everyone in the media. Everyone.”

Carlson drew attention to the race in Georgia, where he said that fewer than 15,000 votes currently separate Biden and Trump; a margin thin enough to warrant a hand recount. But the Fox News host said that he had proof of the voter fraud that Trump has been touting as the sole reason for his loss in the 2020 election.

“Among those votes, auditors will find a valid cast by a woman called Deborah Jean Christiansen. It would be hard to find anyone who’s got a bad word to say about Deborah,” Carlson said. “She was well known in her community for years as a bird watcher, an avid gardener, a committed fan of the Georgia Bulldogs. Those who knew her were sad when she died last May and they might be surprised to learn that even after her death, Deborah Jean Christiansen still managed to register to vote and then cast a ballot.”

Carlson listed 25 dead people that he claimed voted in Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania, all states that Biden has either won or – in the case of Georgia – is currently leading in. However, Carlson was not able to present any evidence that this small handful of deceased individuals had voted for any specific candidate, only saying that they “presumably voted for Joe Biden.”

In addition, Carlson also claimed that nearly 3,000 potentially deceased voters are on the voter rolls in Pennsylvania, citing a December 2019 report, although he was unable to confirm if any of them had voted in the 2020 election.

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