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Op-Ed: How Come We Never Find Missing Republican Ballots?

The three most fraud prone cities that turned their state election totals in favor or Joe Biden were all cities controlled by Democrats, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Las Vegas. Photo credit: The Toidi /, licensed.
The three most fraud prone cities that turned their state election totals in favor or Joe Biden were all cities controlled by Democrats, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Las Vegas. Photo credit: The Toidi /, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Think about that question for a second; every time ballots are found after an election was supposed to be closed, it is always Democrat votes that seem to show up in mass. That headline question seems to have real relevance after this past presidential election. It seems that President Trump was leading in most battleground states on the night of the election, but in the days after the voting totals were supposed to be finished and totaled, late returns from notorious voter fraud states and cities started to come in to be counted. In most all cases the late voting totals overwhelmingly favored Joe Biden. How convenient was that?

The three most fraud prone cities that turned their state election totals in favor or Joe Biden were all cities controlled by Democrats, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Las Vegas. 

Remember a few years ago with the senatorial election in Minnesota between Norm Coleman, the incumbent, and Al Franken, the challenger? On election night, Norm Coleman was leading by thousands of votes, but miraculously by the next day bundles of votes arrived that overwhelmingly favored Al Franken. Was that just a coincidence or an example of outright fraud and ballot stuffing? Unfortunately, Coleman didn’t object strenuously enough to require a recount. To the Democrats, it seems that the end justifies the means, and that winning is everything to them.

Now we have the recent situation in this past presidential election whereby states, mostly battleground states, months prior to the election, changed their voting procedures that made it easier to rig the elections in their states. First off, some states opted for universal mail-in ballots which was sent out to all voters, whether they requested them or not. President Trump warned against this procedure months ago claiming that that voting procedure was rife with potential fraud. The votes that were returned for counting didn’t need a postmark or a signature verification in order to be counted. Another change that opened up the real possibility for fraud was having pre-election day voting, in some cases a month and a half before the normal election day of November 3. And finally, some states approved the rule that mail-votes could come in three days after the election day.  What could go wrong with these changes in order to have a fair and honest election? All those changes in the voting procedures were orchestrated by the Democrat Party, not the Republican Party.


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This past campaign was quite odd in how the candidates campaigned for votes. President Trump held rallies all over the country, sometimes four in a day, while his opponent Joe Biden rarely came out from his basement to confront the voters. One can speculate that the reason they kept him incommunicado was that they shielded him from making gaffes which he was prone to make, and that they knew that with the voting changes in the various battleground states, they would make sure that enough votes would be provided to give their candidate, Biden, the needed amount of votes to win.  So far, it looks like they have succeeded. What a disgrace that this has been allowed to have happened.

This should be a wake-up call to all states to not monkey around with our election procedures, especially when only one party is involved in making those changes. It is not fair to all of us who vote legally. Our votes should count for something and not be watered down by illegal ballots being counted as legitimate. The Trump Administration has instituted a number of lawsuits challenging the results in the various states, that used these changed election procedures. Over 70% of Republicans think that the election was not on the up and up as the results in the various states gave the impression that the vote totals were suspect as being fraudulent because of the shenanigan’s by the Democrat controlled states.

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