Newsmax Releases Official Statement On Not Calling “Very Close” Election Pending Results of Legal Challenges, Reports of Voter Irregularities


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Newsmax, the only major television news network to not yet call the presidential election, has released an official statement saying that the news agency, first founded in 1998 by Christopher Ruddy, which also operates a print magazine and a cable news channel, believes the results of the election as well as the legal challenges ahead, make it too soon to officially call the 2020 Presidential Election for either candidate.

The statement, which aired in over 70 million homes, said that “under the circumstances,” media should not make this determination and that the agency refuses to call Joe Biden the winner.

“At this time, Newsmax is not calling Joe Biden the winner. The election remains very close and Pres. Trump continues to contest results in several states. All votes should be counted. The media should not make the determination of the winner under these circumstances.”

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