Rudy Giuliani Holds Press Conference In Philadelphia Laying Out Specifics On Coming Lawsuit Over Ballot Fraud, Failed Voter Inspections

PHILADELPHIA, PA – On Saturday morning Attorney Rudy Giuliani, on behalf of the trump campaign, held a press conference in Philadelphia, to clearly detail and explain, what the campaign strongly believes are examples of voter fraud which took place in the state of Pennsylvania mainly in the two democratic counties of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Other areas of the state are being considered but are not included in the coming lawsuit which will be filed on Monday. 

Joining the press conference were a group of poll watchers as well as Trump campaign adviser Corey Lewandowski, who spoke in support of what the campaign calls serious irregularities or outright fraud in the voting and oversight process when it came to, specifically, republican poll watchers. Lewandowski also gave a single example of a ballot which was cast for a person who requested it by postal mail the day after they had already died.

Giuliani, who at the end of the press conference, took several questions from the press, broke down many incidences where he believes the campaign will prevail when presented in what he said should be a meticulous court hearing. This specific example is likely presented due to many major media outlets disputing whether there is any actual proof of fraud, which such an example would validate. 

Giuliani also reminded members of the press that the people who were appearing behind him are called ‘witnesses’ and that in a court of law, they represent proof of fact, particularly when used to present there case that poll watchers were prevented from reviewing the ballots which violates constitutional law.

Giuliani also reassured listeners that the burden of proof lies on the person casting the ballot, not the other way around, and the fact that the campaigns prevented poll waters from seeing any of the ballots created the existence of what would be considered ‘a very strong circumstantial case’ of tampering.


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Witnesses that spoke included three of nine people who appeared, Darryl Brooks, Mathew Silver who is an attorney, and retired attorney Lisette Tarragano, however Giuliani stated there were as many as 90 witnesses waiting to testify if need be and that the court would be provided as many witnesses as necessary. 

“Listen, we just want a fair election, and we view this, we view that was not fair at all. It was not fair. … You could allow us to look at the ballots, some ballots, but nothing. We were kept away from everything,” Daryl Brooks said.

The goal of the case would be to invalidate as many as 600,000 ballots which Giuliani says are in question, most of which were cast for Biden, and coincidently counted after the evening of the election. 

Biden clenched victory in the state by a difference of just 40,000 ballots out of over six and a half million votes cast in the state. Giuliani also mentioned there had been similar instances in Michigan and Wisconsin.

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