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Op-Ed: A Nightmare If “The Big Guy” Wins; Tuesday’s Results Could Have Lasting, Irreversible, Negative Effect Not Only On Our Nation, But The World

Vice President Joe Biden
Vice President Joe Biden delivering a Super Tuesday Victory Speech at Baldwin Hills Recreation Center in Los Angeles, CA, March 3, 2020. Editorial credit: Joseph Sohm /, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – Many of us die-hard patriots are crossing our fingers and biting our gums awaiting the outcome of the election this Tuesday, the final results of which, we may not know for days, weeks or even months. The fear among those who honestly consider the possibilities of a Biden win, with him being obviously neurologically disabled, is that the most radical of his party will assume commanding roles in his White House decision making. And that makes us, sleepless in New York.” There has never been an election of such importance, that threatens the basics of our democracy, our Constitution and our future, as does this one. We’re not over estimating this situation.

Under the nearly four years of the Trump administration, we’d seen the most impressive economic growth, ever, for this country. Blacks, Hispanics, all Americans prospered and although the Chinese Virus hit us hard, we’re in the midst of a stupendous recovery. According to the figures of the Department of Commerce, released this week, the 2nd quarter of 2020 produced a real gross domestic product rise of 31.4%. Unprecedented, even in good times. The growth in the near future looks bright. But, as the old adage goes, To change horses now, would be a disaster. However, we must consider such a calamity. If that does occur and the hard-Left, radical Socialists who are at the helm of the Democrat Party, take over, it will be the American voter who will be to blame. Anyone with a knowledge of history knows that the Germans, in 1932, the most advanced and educated people in Europe at that time, did exactly that. They democratically voted in as their leader, a radical Socialist, Adolph Hitler to rule and ruin that nation and the world.

Roll the calendar ahead to the prospects of a Biden / Harris / Omar / Tlaib / AOC / Sanders-led foreign policy and how it might change just one situation, the current trend of peace in the Middle East. At this very moment, a growing blanket of tranquility hovers over the area with Sudan, the UAE and Bahrain, all initiating relations with Israel. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are now buying tickets to enter this theater of good will towards the Jewish State. Would you have believed that just a year ago? Never. And throw in that these treaties all have a great impact on Iran, squelching its plans to dominate that area of the world. Iran’s leaders were given the red carpet to do so by the Obama / Biden team with the Big Guy, Joe, as our official emissary to the Middle East. Over a hundred billion dollars were handed over to the Mullahs during Obama’s last days in office in 2016, with promises of more under a President Hillary. Thankfully, that failed and now we must consider that a President Biden would once again crawl back to win over the favors of an Iranian regime that is now on its last legs. Only a Biden win can resuscitate that nation to surely again threaten Israel and the Middle East. Those shoring up a stuttering Biden are all Jew / Israel haters from day one. The prospects of more wars, more American troops thrown into another never ending battle looms large with a Democrat win. Just to throw in another added measure of fear with Joe taking over control of this nation is the impending investigation over his son, Hunter’s laptop, his most probable criminal involvement with China, Russia and the Ukraine together with Joe’s knowledge of the above. And is there more of Joe’s involvement with this situation that will come out with further probing? Is Joe, the Big Guy in this affair that Tony Bobulinski has brought out into the open? The pro-Left media’s tight cover-up of this matter leads us to believe that none other than Joe Biden, himself, is knee deep in international criminal corruption the likes of which we have never seen. His election, followed by his prosecution for what appears to be treasonous activities would be a nightmare.

Tuesday’s results, if indicating a Biden win, will have lasting, irreversible, negative effects not only on our own nation, our economy and our freedoms but on the world’s as well. We have always been, and still are the bastion of liberty that all nations look up to and call on to save them from their own doings. Now we face creating a disaster in leadership that would destroy all that we hold dear. May G-d help us. 

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