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Op-Ed: A November Surprise? Many Believe What We’re Witnessing Is Simply A More Intense Form Of Politics: Dems Vs. Reps; If Only That Were So

Many firemen remarked on the myriad “anomalies.”
The aftermath of a home in California where some fires burned magnitudes hotter than ordinary wildfires. Since the beginning of the year, wildfires have burned over 4 million acres in California. Many firemen remarked on the myriad anomalies. File photo, credit ShutterStock.com, licensed.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA –   Before we go down the rabbit hole—and be forewarned that’s where we’re going—let’s recall that history is riddled with conspiracies, and it’s only been since the aftermath of President Kennedy’s assassination that We the Pesky People have been warned to shut up about them. Flash forward: we now know there was a “soft” coup d’etat conducted for several years to remove duly elected President Trump. Did the plotters go on MSNBC to boast about their plans? Hardly. They hatched them in secret—as a conspiracy.

But that seditious plot is small potatoes compared to what the New World Order “elites” have worked out in their pricey secretive meetings (Bilderbergs, etc.) in swank luxury hotels. Think of it this way: these are meetings of the wolves deciding how to control, manage, plunder and, yes, devour the sheep. That’s us.

The New World Order and Weapons of Mass Destruction

What makes their dystopian agendas for us so horrific— U.N. Agenda 2030, etc.—is that they have the Frankensteinian world of high-tech at their disposal. This enables them to take their psychopathic plans to whole new levels. It’s as if they were demented teenagers who could create their own grotesque video games and then snap their fingers and bring them to life.


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What am I talking about? Powerful technologies that can simulate natural disasters, such as Geo-engineering, Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), and High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). With easily weaponized toys like these, the Davos elites can steer hurricanes, cause devastating flooding, set off the worst firestorms we’ve ever seen, cause tsunamis, earthquakes, and yes, pandemics.

The Torching of California

If you do a bit of research on California’s wine country fires in 2018 and 2019, you’ll discover that these fires burned magnitudes hotter than ordinary wildfires. Houses were literally vaporized, but nearby trees were left unburned. Many firemen remarked on the myriad “anomalies.” And here’s another smoking gun: after the fires were out, various governmental authorities and the media began to wonder out loud whether we should allow people to rebuild and move back into such a dangerous area—a “human interface” with wild-lands. Coincidentally, the U.N.’s Agenda 21 calls for people to be corralled in megacities, surrounded by “wildlands” that are off limits to the general public, aka The Wildlands Project. Let’s just say that our soybeans and apples aren’t the only things being engineered.

The Marxist-Globalists’ Full Court Press

I realize it’s a big stretch for many people to entertain the possibility that an apparently wacko “conspiracy theory” might be true. But let’s keep this possibility in mind just in case we are hit by an “impactful event” such as a comet or asteroid hitting the earth on November 2nd, in time to derail the election. Remember we’re witnessing the globalist Left’s full court press. All the chips are on the table now. They’ll stop at nothing. As FDR observed, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” This is true of the faux pandemic, and of the “civil unrest” courtesy of rioting by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, largely funded by George Soros. And it’s true of the tragic financial bludgeoning of much of our working and middle class – especially small business owners who’ve seen their life’s work evaporate over a very cruel but well-financed “pandemic” psy-op.

The Why Question

Why would the richest, most powerful people on the planet want to destroy America and turn the world into a virtual prison camp? You got me. But here’s my best guess: the people who planned all this misery are sociopaths who hate seeing others happy and contented. Since they have the means and opportunity to destroy Western Civilization, and apparently nothing worthwhile going on in their lives, this is how they get their kicks. Plus they’re insatiably greedy and want to own and control, well, everything.

Remember that psychopaths/sociopaths have no conscience. They can murder and destroy with impunity. And as a number of researchers have pointed out, many of these people are Satanists or Luciferians, who engage in occult practices. Apparently, they believe in a set of pagan “Universal Laws,” one of which is a requirement to announce an event before executing it.

Predictive Programming and Telegraphing Messages

Take the movie “Contagion.” It’s basically the Hollywood version of the Covid pandemic. Yet it debuted in 2011! The elites have had pandemics on their minds for a long time. And while the film accomplishes the predictive programming they are so fond of—so we’d know we’d need to wear masks and shelter-in-place in locked-down cities—it also likely served as their declaration of intent. It seems even Satan has rules.

Which brings us to the cover of The Economist magazine from November / December, in 2018: “The World in 2019.” Partially owned by the Rothschilds, the Economist should be taken seriously. The cover of this issue featured a pangolin. A what? None other than the exotic animal that’s been touted as the Sars-Cov-2 virus-carrying intermediary between bats and human beings. Funny that this cover came out a full year before the Wuhan flu emerged. Coincidence?

How about the Economist’s “The World in 2020” cover? Anything of interest there? Unfortunately, yes. Encoded in line 11 of the clever take-off on an eye chart for 20/20 vision, is the word “asteroid.” And it just so happens that there is an asteroid hurtling around in space that is predicted to make its way to Earth on November 2nd—the day before the election! Now the few astronomers left who haven’t been shut out of their observatories due to fake Covid concerns, have reassured us that this asteroid is the size of a refrigerator. Well and good. But the Powers-That-Be own the media and, as they did with the Chinese flu, can construct their own narrative in classic psy-op fashion. Imagine hearing on CNN that the harmless little asteroid turned out to be the size of Delaware, and will cause a tsunami that will wipe out much of the Eastern Seaboard, or short-out the grid over most of flyover country. Oh yes, there’s also the word “war” on this cover, among other suggestive predictions.

Let’s consider one more feel-good cover from the Economist in June/July of this year, with the title, “The Next Catastrophe”— just the uplift we needed while the globalists continued to push their pandemic scare tactics to spoil our summer. This cover portrays a domestic scene—a family of three sitting on their sofa. But Dad is wearing a gas mask, Mom’s is off to the side, junior’s got on a military helmet, and on the wall behind them are pictures depicting a massive volcano eruption, a nuclear bomb, and…here it is again…an asteroid hitting the Earth. Oh, and the clock on the wall shows it’s a few minutes before midnight.

With their various energy and weather weapons, their virtual control of the media, and their vast power untethered to any particular nation, the globalist elites can inflict a variety of catastrophic measures on us, as they’ve done through the Wuhan flu plandemic.

What Now?

So what can we do? We can lay bare their November asteroid plan, making it go viral on the internet, because if it is exposed, they are far less likely to see it through—if, indeed, it is their plan.

We should also suspect any calamitous occurrence that affects the election to be a false flag event. They’d like nothing better than to throw the election into chaos. But chaos also serves their need as a necessary precondition for their New World Order to slither into being.

We should, of course, vote for President Trump and elect a Republican Congress. And while we’re at it, maybe quietly buy some non-perishable food and a few extra rolls of you-know-what.

And we should pray! This is surely a battle between good and evil being fought here on earth. By the way, there’s a new comet, named C/2020 P1 NEOWISE. According to UniverseToday, it’s “set to become a fine binocular object in late October and early November.” Let’s hope that’s all it will be.

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