CNN: Democrats Worried, Said To Be “Very Concerning” It’s “Not Going Biden’s Way” In South Florida’s Miami-Dade County


MIAMI, FL – According to CNN host Alisyn Camerota, reports are coming in that Democrats are “worried” and “very concerned” that “it’s not going Biden’s way” in a key demographic of South Florida, Miami-Dade County. From coverage of the 2020 presidential campaign this morning, Camerota, CNN’s morning show anchor for “New Day” had this to say:

“The one place that may defy your math and logic David, Miami-Dade County in Florida. So what I think the numbers are showing is that many more republicans have already gone in person to vote in early voting than democrats and congresswoman Frederica Wilson of that district is trying to sound the alarm. She talked to Politico and said that what she’s seeing is very concerning for her; she has said let me quote it to you “I screamed, hollered, I called, I lobbied from the top to the bottom,” Wilson said of her efforts to get to the turnout operation started in the community including sending written proposals to the Biden campaign and having virtual zoom meetings with his advisors, she is worried because what she’s seeing she says in terms of the black community and Hispanic, “it’s not going Biden’s way.”

Florida is a key battleground state where Democrats typically have their stronghold in the region from Miami to Palm Beach, while Republicans dominate in the north and southwest portions of the state.

According to an opinion piece published yesterday in The Published Reporter by political consultant, Roger Stone, “Early voting in Florida reveals an interesting trend. Republicans are out-voting Democrats, with heavily Democrat Miami-Dade County having Republicans running even with Democrats in the early voter turnout. This again reflects the intensity of support for the president.”

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