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Op-Ed: Sadly, Jewish Political Intelligence Is An Oxymoron

Jewish Political Intelligence
Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump, Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani, and Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan attend the Abraham Accords ceremony in The White House. Washington DC, USA – September 15, 2020. Photo credit: Noamgalai /, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – The likes of Schumer, Feinstein, Nadler, Deutch and Schiff should all make as maestros and lead the Democrat Jewish Congressional Chorus in chanting the words, “Jewish Political Intelligence is an Oxymoron,” before they launch their next venal attacks against President Trump during the short balance of this election campaign. They should have the basic instincts of animal survival to know that this guy whom they denounce, demean and debase each time they sense a lens pointing in their direction is fighting, not exclusively for the survival of Israel and Jews worldwide but for the future of their own families, as well. They are Jews, and we’ll remind them that with the modern techniques of DNA, they won’t be able to camouflage their Jewish heritage by name changing, as did the parentage of such folks as John Kerry and George Soros in order to mingle with “The Crowd.” 

Sadly, these well known elected officials and thousands of other Jews like them who make laws in cities, towns and counties around the nation, join roughly 72% of Jews nationwide in their loyalty to the Democrat Party. And their devotion to all causes, “Liberal,” Progressive” and “Woke,” blinds them to the reality that taking that path solidifies the power of the Jew haters among them. It encourages our enemies such as Congress people Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, AOC, Ayanna Pressley and others, to openly continue their war on our people. It emboldens the hatemongers, both on the Left and Right, to physically attack and kill Jews of all political stripes. Take a look at the violence and threats against Jewish college students who wish to invite pro-Israel speakers to their campuses. And speaking of making universities safer and more friendly to Jewish students, President Trump has made it a federal crime to intimidate, threaten or discriminate against Jewish college students. Where are the plaudits from the Jewish Left for his looking out for our and their kids? 

Jewish Democrats surely know subliminally, that President Trump has been the best and most friendly president to Israel since its inception as a nation, 72 years ago. That’s why they go bonkers when you bring up this truism. They have no counter-argument. They sense, somewhere deep inside, that no president has gone out of his way as much as he has to stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel. So, where is the surge on the part of these Jews to support him? A ray of sunshine is the Jexit movement, which backs Jews leaving the Democrat Party and the long existent group, Jews for Trump, both of whom are nibbling away at Jewish support for the Left. They are on the ball and hopefully, they will sway some of their brethren to jump ship. But they are still light years away from turning the corner on this venture. They are walking through a virtual mine-field of threats and intimidation from Jew haters and their buddies, the stupid, Leftist Jews. A David versus Goliath scenario. G-d bless them and their efforts. 

When Trump ran four years ago, he made many promises to Jews to win them over to garner their support and votes. The Jewish Left mocked these vows. Schumer called him a liar. Others on the Left claimed he was a “Jew hater from way back,” that he and his Dad were Nazis. The fact that the elder Trump dedicated and contributed land and construction costs to the building of Brooklyn’s Beach Haven Synagogue is rarely recalled by the media. The property for the shul, located on Avenue Z, was sold to their founders by Fred Trump for $10. Ask Rabbi Shimmy Silver what he thinks of the Trump family. And speaking of the Trump family, they will be the first to celebrate a bas and bar-mitzvah in the White House. And that will be a glatt-kosher affair! 

But what has Donald Trump done during his not even complete first term to keep so many Jews at arms’ length from supporting his re-election? How has he endangered them or the State of Israel? Ask your liberal friends, neighbors or relatives and you get an outpouring of venomous hatred that lends itself to thoughts of terminating your relationships with them. They have no retorts. They ring up, “Empty.” Are they aware that he kept his promises, once he took office, of: Moving our Embassy to Jerusalem? That he kicked out the official Palestinian Liberation Organization’s Embassy from D.C. that was red-carpeted in by Obama/Biden? That he stopped paying lifetime pensions to the families of Palestinians killed while attacking Jews? That he stopped paying Hamas tens of millions of dollars to construct terror tunnels into Israel? That he backed Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights? That he de-funded the UN’s UNRWA, which supported Hamas terror? That he canceled the Obama/Biden/Iranian nuclear deal which would eventually lead to Israel’s annihilation? That Trump denounced and will surely veto any future Security Council Resolution similar to that group’s Resolution # 2334 of 2016, that Obama/Biden refused to veto, leading to the Council unanimously condemning Israel for its defensive actions against the Palestinians? In fact, a follow-up Congressional denouncement of Obama/Biden’s refusal to nix this resolution was not supported by 76 House Democrats. They sided with the anti-Israel United Nations Security Council. What does that tell us? 

And more recently, in moves that would surely reward any Democrat President with tons of Nobel Peace Prizes, President Trump finally, after nearly 80 years of continued Arab hostility toward the Jewish State, has brought, what may turn out to be, peace to the Middle East. His miracle of brokering, quietly and amidst the constant onslaught against him brought by the Democrat Party, peace agreements among Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and most recently Sudan, is nothing but breathtaking. It’s rumored that Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are next in line to shake hands with Israel. This is paving the road for the now isolated Palestinians to start thinking of partnering with the Jewish State to enter the 21st Century. Would anyone, four years ago, have even thought that this “non-politician” could ever achieve such miraculous goals? Do the majority of Jews give him any credit? And with barely 27% of Jews supporting him in 2016, why does he even bother to stand strong for Jewish causes? Obama/Biden owned the Jewish vote and gave them kicks in the ass as a reward. Go figure that out. 

We’re calling on Jews of all political stripes to sit down and do as we would before decision making on family, financial and other situations that require some thought, to mull over, logically, clearly and without prior prejudice, their choice for president and other elective choices that have to be made in the coming week. Focus on the accomplishments of President Trump relating to Jewish issues. They all concern you, whether you choose to admit it or not. If you feel he has met the litmus test of doing the right thing for the Jewish people wherever they are, give him your vote. And remember, true “Jewish political intelligence,” administered by you now, will save our people’s future. It’s in your hands.

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