QUESTION: Why Are Victims of “Police Brutality” Almost Always Habitual Criminals and Drug Addicts?

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DELRAY BEACH, FL – Our country has been turned on its head after a black man was killed in a confrontation with law enforcement. Riots, pillaging, arson and attacks on individuals, especially police, have and continue to occur after each confrontation regardless of merit or circumstances. From the reports in the “fake news” media you’d think that the police officers purposely shoot, injure and/or kill every single black person they see indiscriminately, for no apparent reason, including the charge of racism on the part of the police. That false charge is made even though many police departments are well integrated, some with a majority of black officers.

Inevitably, after further investigation, it seems to often turn out that the so-called victim was his own worst enemy by simply not complying with the orders of the law enforcement personnel involved or react in a combative manner. In the meantime, false narratives about what happen trigger the mayhem and havoc that ensues in the towns and cities across America, amplified wherever the incident happens.

Immediately, after any event, anarchist groups like BLM and ANTIFA, mobilize their adherents to enrage the community with false reports of police brutality and misconduct. In the vast majority of cases, the initial reports were false and unsubstantiated, but the damage is already done as the community erupts in violence and illegal behavior.

As the false or exaggerated story unfolds, the victims of the police confrontations are made out to be “martyrs” for the cause of racial justice by those very same groups that have been causing the violence and mayhem. In most cases, the initial reports are lacking in authenticity, but it is too late to stop the carnage in the towns and cities where the civil unrest happens. If you delve into the so-called victims, you’ll find practically all are criminals, with a violent past, or drug addicts. They are not the innocent victims that the anarchists and news media falsely point them out to be.

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So, it is quite evident that those groups that participate in the rioting, are just waiting anxiously for a police/black victim confrontation to take place, and then mobilize, through social media, their sycophants to go to the town or city to do their “dirty work”, and to bring their weapons such as, hammers, Molotov cocktails, and in some cases firearms, in order to bomb, break windows, and deface buildings and monuments etc. In fact, these groups have their own buses to transport paid anarchists to cities.

Part of the problem is that some of the governors and mayors, mostly all from Democrat run states and cities, refuse to confront these violent groups thereby letting them run wild to commit their carnage. As a society, we should not elevate those who confront or assault police with the status of being called a “martyr”. We should not jump to conclusions before all the facts turn out in situations mentioned above. Most of the police are the barrier between peace and violence. They are the real “martyrs”.

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