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Op-Ed: Washington D.C. and the Swamp


FORT WORTH, TX – I was at the gym yesterday as usual listening to the Rick Roberts Show on WBAP 820AM on your dial. He or a guest brought up a good point. Why do politicians and departments of the government need to be in Washington?

Now that you thought about that for a minute there is no good reason. Don’t say it’s for convenience because in this day and age of the internet, Zoom (unless you get caught with your pants down) and many other platforms there is no reason that they all need to be physically in Washington.

How would we benefit from moving them? For one, the government could draw on a more diverse pool of candidates that could not otherwise pack up and move to expensive D.C. A second reason is that it would cut down on expenses of politicians traveling back and forth and they could spend all their time, or most of it, in their home jurisdiction. Nancy wouldn’t need her jet and maybe she could concentrate on cleaning up her homeless and drug infested district. Who knows, maybe she could bring down a few big bottles of vodka and party with them after going to her favorite corner liquor store or getting it delivered.

That alone would save tax payers millions for a start. With the median cost of a residence in Alexandria being $550,000 what a savings that would be for our elected officials. How many of you can afford a second property at that asking price let alone have one?

While we’re at it, let’s make them pay for their home office and write it off like every other businessman does. Let’s not stop there. With all they get paid, and most of them are millionaires, take away their security and make them pay for it. That’s right, out of their own pocket. Wouldn’t that be a novel idea?

Better yet, let’s cut their pay too as they will not need all that money for two offices, staff, travel and such. Again they can write it all off. This is all about bringing government back in control and making our representatives more accountable to us the American people.

While I am at it, let me go off on the New Green Deal. Just for the fun of it. Let’s say Biden wins. Coal, fracking and all that stuff is ceased. Lots of jobs gone over night.

To all the tree huggers and ADHD Greta lovers where do you think the energy is going to come from to run the electric turbines that provide that energy?

Not windmills, too expensive. Remember the failed and bankrupted company Solyndra that Obama gave $500,000,000 to knowing they were filing or had filed bankruptcy? Didn’t think you did.

There is no technology to take the place of fossil fuels which don’t leave one footprint on the earth. Now think how much it will cost to charge your little green car or buy groceries because those big trucks that deliver to your store can’t run on solar or batteries that long. Start a savings plan now to buy groceries at an ever soaring price.

Now imagine a really hot humid day. Yeah, we all know what those days are like. You can cut the air with a knife. You’ve kicked the kids out of the kiddie pool to get cool. The sweat is dripping from your pits, your clothes are soaked, and sweat cakes up on your skin. You would kill for a cool breeze because you dare not turn on the AC because your electric rates are too high thanks to Joe, Knees Kamala and AOC.

You can’t buy ice because it costs too much to keep it frozen and forget your fridge. That’s a bill that only the elite can afford.

Oh, wait, you can’t take a hot bath or shower because it cost too much to heat the water and you can’t cook because of your electric stove. Don’t say you have gas because once again that is a fossil fuel and is allegedly melting the ice caps as if the earth doesn’t go through periodic changes.

Maybe it’s solar powered, good luck with that. So now where are you? You reek, your ass stinks, you can’t wash clothes and your hot wife left you for a rich guy who isn’t subject to your hardships. You barely eke by and your last electric bill was $1,000. On top of that your kids are screaming for food. Can’t shoot yourself because those democrats outlawed guns and you didn’t believe in them anyway.

The shelves are bare in the stores, no way to cook it or get there if you could find it and there’s no way to get to work because it costs too much to heat and cool the office. And best of all you didn’t prep. You thought we were all crazy and the government could solve all of your problems. At least those of us who know what could be coming we can survive. Screaming in a tic tok video isn’t going to solve your problem either my little snowflake.

Oh, my darling Green Deal people, when the cold comes as it surely will, don’t touch the heat. Put on an extra sweater or blanket and pray that you can sleep. Be careful what you wish for.

After all, I’m jus’ sayin’.

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