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Op-Ed: The Dems’ October Surprise

President Trump
Think back to 2019— a booming economy, unemployment at a 50-year low, African-American unemployment the lowest in our history, offshoring corporations heading back to the U.S. in droves, our energy sector revving up, the stock market hitting record highs, consumer confidence strong, America standing tall among the nations once again—this was Trump’s America in full swing. Editorial credit: Drop of Light /, licensed.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA –  Curiouser and curiouser. Out of the blue, just weeks before the most consequential election in American history, our indefatigable President gets sick, and a growing contingent of key Republicans are consigned to their basements to supposedly recover from a virus they almost certainly don’t have.

Remember Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible, wherein people’s reputations could be destroyed, possibly along with their lives, if anyone accused them of being witches? Not a bad analogy for what we’re witnessing today––simply inform your political enemies they’ve tested positive for the Chinese Coronavirus and need to cool their heels for two precious weeks during the homestretch of the election. The Russia Russia Russia mantra has apparently morphed into the Covid Covid Covid narrative.

Think back to 2019—the booming economy, unemployment at a 50-year low, African-American unemployment the lowest in our history, offshoring corporations heading back to the U.S. in droves, our energy sector revving up, the stock market hitting record highs, consumer confidence strong, America standing tall among the nations once again—this was Trump’s America in full swing. Everyone knew the Trump card was the rip-roaring economy. But a funny thing happened on the road to the 2020 election. The bottom dropped out of Trump’s economic miracle.

In fact, every aspect of Trump’s America took a nosedive. And those who believe this was unavoidable due to the scourge of the Chinese Coronavirus are likely CNN/MSNBC watchers, politically naïve, or not paying attention.

The Plandemic: Phase One

Fortunately, many astute researchers have documented the fact that America-hating New World Order globalists—with Bill Gates and his massive funding at the forefront—planned and orchestrated the whole pandemic scenario. Why? Because they, along with their Deep State and Democrat allies, have bet the farm on this election. They know they’ve committed high crimes including sedition and treason, and four more years of a Trump Administration would almost certainly mean indictments, trials and lengthy prison sentences for these felons.

Not only that, but the American people might get used to prosperity and the pursuit of happiness again, and decide to pass on the globalists’ “sustainability” agenda for We the People—i.e. austerity, privation and virtual serfdom under a surveillance-mad technocracy. What’s not to like?

In short, the globalist Left, aided and abetted by the hyperventilating media, did all it could to wreck our economy, as well as the lives and businesses of millions of Americans, largely by substituting the scary-sounding word “pandemic” for “flu.”

Yes, Covid-19 can lead to fatal complications, especially for the frail elderly and those with serious preexisting conditions, but so can the seasonal flu. In fact, Dr. Fauci––whose models, projections and predictions were almost entirely wrong––equated it to a bad seasonal flu in his article in the New England Journal of Medicine article months back. But I digress.

All the hype surrounding this virus—the lockdowns, masks, testing, contact tracing, etc.––has been phony. CNN has yet to broadcast that the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) recent data show Covid-19 to be far less lethal than the last three major pandemics.

What many are now calling the “plandemic” is surely the most audacious con job ever attempted in history. Amazingly, it’s still going strong—the hype, that is—while the virus itself is petering out and almost certainly no longer meets the threshold for even an epidemic, much less a pandemic.

The result of these diabolical shenanigans? As Biden announced, in what may have been his one accurate statement during the recent presidential debate: “Under this President, we’ve become weaker, sicker, poorer, more divided, and more violent.”

Mission accomplished.

But the Dems can be counted on to leave nothing to chance. After all, Trump is still hugely popular, and a fearless truth-teller who keeps exposing their corruption, hypocrisy and lies, which drives the Leftists stark raving mad. Even though they’ve now brought America to her knees to prove Trump hasn’t made her great after all, they fear their nemesis could still win.

The Plandemic: Phase Two

Let’s examine what I’m calling Phase Two of their Plandemic: the targeting of the President, First Lady, members of Trump’s team, and several Republican senators—using the virus and/or testing as a presumptive political weapon.

For starters, testing someone who’s “asymptomatic”—i.e. healthy—is a scam. It’s similar to branding someone as a racist, except for the two-week expiration date. And just look at the list of such branded Republicans:

  • Senators Thom Tillis and Mike Lee, members of the all-important Judiciary Committee needed to proceed with Amy Coney Barrett’s vital confirmation
  • Trump’s former campaign manager and consultant Kellyanne Conway
  • Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel
  • Senator Ron Johnson
  • Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien!
  • And perhaps worse yet, Kayleigh McEnany, Trump’s Press Secretary!

The Dems may be playing “Can you top this?” because Stephen Miller, one of Trump’s top advisors and speechwriters, was added to the victim list shortly after Kayleigh.

Apparently, this virus is a Deep State smart bomb.

Medical Deep Staters can claim, “So-and-so tested positive!” and thus temporarily remove any pesky patriot from the game-board. What luck for the desperate Dems that with mere weeks to go before the election, whole batches of pro-Trump Conservatives can be shut out of the public sphere for two weeks while they are forced to “self-quarantine.”

Now let’s do some debunking of our own: the PCR test that’s being given to the Trump team on a daily basis is a sham. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), warned that this test should never be used diagnostically, as it cannot give accurate results. Says Dr. David Rasnick, founder of Viral Forensics lab, “You don’t start with testing; you start with listening to the lungs. I’m skeptical that a PRC test is ever true. It’s a great scientific research tool. It’s a horrible tool for clinical medicine.” (Italics mine.) His advice? “No healthy person should be tested. It means nothing but it can destroy your life…”

What about the media claim that the White House gathering for Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination was a “super-spreader event?” Let’s recall that one of the top people at the World Health Organization on Covid-19, Maria Van Kerkkhove, confirmed that asymptomatic people do not spread the virus—and you can bet that no one, including the President, was walking around the Rose Garden coughing and sneezing.

Nevertheless, MSNBC, CNN, and the rest of the treasonous tribe of Deep State cheerleaders are singing the same tune: No one at this event wore a mask! No wonder they’re testing positive! It’s Trump’s fault! He never took the Coronavirus seriously! Of course the science tells us masks don’t protect anyone, so this is just more propaganda to sway the public to “blame Trump.”

One more point: Seems the media pundits have forgotten that the only thing that ever eradicates a virus is herd immunity. That means we should actually rejoice when healthy people who are under 70 get the virus. They’ll be fine—most with mild symptoms, or none at all—and they’re helping to get us to our goal post: herd immunity!

Trump Targeted?

But let’s turn our attention to the man of the hour, President Donald J. Trump. Summoning my inner Hercule Poirot, I’m going to suspect everyone, and trust nothing I can’t verify. Since Trump and Melania both developed symptoms, we know they got a respiratory illness. But how do we know it’s Covid-19? We don’t. We have to take the White House doctors’ word for it.

But assuming Trump did come down with the Chinese coronavirus, we still need to ask whether the White House doctors who spirited him off to Walter Reed Medical Center, and immediately gave him Regeneron’s experimental drug cocktail, were acting in his best interest. Trump was obviously not in critical condition––we even watched him walk out of the White House on his own to board Marine One.

If he needed treatment, why wasn’t he given Hydroxychloroquine, zinc and Z-Pak—a safe protocol that has worked so well for many? And why put him on a second new drug, Remdesivir, that hasn’t performed well in clinical trials, but is the Big Pharma drug Dr. Fauci has been touting? In fact, no one had ever been given these two new drugs in combination, so how could the doctors know they wouldn’t cross-react and cause harm? They couldn’t.

In other words, these doctors experimented on the President of the United States! But let’s also consider the worst-case scenario that we were fortunately spared.

Suppose the Deep Staters––who’ve been trying to oust Trump from the presidency for nearly four years—had announced that the President had succumbed to the Coronavirus? I regret to say that the Democrats would be jubilant. And suppose they said Vice President Pence also tested positive and had been taken to Walter Reed Hospital for observation? This would have put Nancy Pelosi in the Oval Office!

Everyone knows the Coronavirus can be fatal—especially for the elderly and those with co-morbidities. How could We the People stand up against such a diabolical takeover of our government if the radical globalist Left should pull off their wished-for coup d’etat through this kind of assassination that would not only give them plausible deniability, but also downright credibility with the misguided half of the American public? Thankfully, Trump has recovered. But this remains a scenario the Deep State could potentially pull off in one way or another, so we need to remain vigilant.

And since we’re speculating, we must also consider the possibility that the virus had been intentionally deployed to target the President. If so, he would likely have been infected several days prior to the debate, in the hope that he’d be too sick to engage with Biden. In any case, to get the most bang for their buck and to make this all look legit, the plotters would merely have to claim that attendees at Barrett’s nomination, etc. got the virus from Trump. No proof required. No active cases required. Just say they “tested positive.”

The Dems’ Payoff

Sad to say, phase two appears to be a win-win for the treasonous cabal. They’ve ratcheted up the virus hysteria, which Dems can use to prolong shutdowns, mask-wearing mandates, and general misery. They got Biden off the hook for at least one debate with Trump—maybe two. But their biggest payoff: the Republicans may lack a majority on the Senate Judiciary Committee to move forward with Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation due to quarantined senators.

So you tell me, do you really think it’s just bad luck that our hale-and-hearty President got Covid four short weeks before the election, potentially meaning no more rallies, no more debates—a big plus for dementia Joe—no more campaigning, and no Supreme Court appointment as the mail-in ballot fiasco waits in the wings?

We’re still in the realm of conjecture, to be sure, but the Big Picture, as far as I’m concerned, reveals a calculated, devious second phase of the massive Pandemic psy-op that’s been carefully orchestrated to bring down President Trump, and with him, America. We can stop waiting for the Democrats’ October Surprise. This is it!

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