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Op Ed: 10 Fact Checks for Pinocchio Joe (and Kamala)

10 Fact Checks for Pinocchio Joe (and Kamala)
10 Fact Checks for Pinocchio Joe Biden (and Kamala). Photo credit: C-SPAN.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – I realize politicians brag, obfuscate, embellish their rhetoric with faulty conclusions, but it works both ways. To listen to the Democrats, Trump has lied over 3,000 times (where’s the poor guy chosen to sit and write down all those lies?). That figure is just one of many that the Democrats and Biden/Harris have pulled out from their butts in trying to demean and discredit the President.

Since this years presidential campaign started, the Democrats and Biden/Harris have run ads and made statements that are patently false (in other words, lies), but the “fake news media” doesn’t report their “faux pas” like they would if President Trump made such falsehoods. Here’s a list of some of the lies that Democrat candidates have made recently.

  1. They claim that President Trump has called the COVID-19 virus a hoax.  Even the very liberal Biden supporting Washington Post gave Biden’s campaign “4 Pinocchio’s”.
  2. They claim that the Trump campaign doesn’t have a plan for confronting the Corona virus. Wasn’t it President Trump who set up, with V-P Pence in charge, the Virus Task Force? Wasn’t it the President who banned travel from China at the end of January, thereby mitigating the number of infected individuals into the country, and of which Dr. Fauci said saved many thousands of lives, and also his ban on individuals coming in from Europe? Also, wasn’t it President Trump who initiated “Operation Warp Speed” urging drug companies to come up with a vaccine before the end of the year?
  3. Kamala Harris said that Trump only paid $750 in federal taxes in 2017, according to the anti-Trump N.Y. Times, but she forgot to mention that Trump paid millions in payroll, property and other taxes along with state and local taxes. This was an anti-Trump hit piece by the biased N.Y. Times.
  4. They claim that Trump hasn’t proposed an infrastructure plan, but forgot to mention that he proposed a plan to Congress two years ago, but that the Congress, under Speaker Pelosi, hasn’t acted on it.
  5. They claim that the Trump tax cuts only helped the top 1% of tax payers. In fact, the tax cuts helped Americans at every income level. The average family of 4 saved over $2,000. 
  6. The Biden/Harris team has claimed that they will raise taxes only on people making over $400,000, but Biden has said that he would get rid of all the Trump tax cuts, which means that all who gained from the tax cuts will then pay more as all the rates will increase.
  7. They claim that they will not ban “fracking”, however, both were on record during the Democrat primary that they would ban fracking, and in addition, ban all fossil fuels by 2035. They change their views when the campaign wants to appeal to voters in areas where fracking is taking place in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, North Dakota etc. They must think all the people in those states are stupid and would fall for their double-speak.
  8. They claim that Biden was responsible for the Recovery Act (after the recession of 2008) that supposedly brought the country back from the Great Recession. In fact, while Biden did oversee the Act itself – that period of time was slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression. Those shovel ready jobs weren’t shovel ready at all.
  9. They claim that Trump is responsible for the economic downturn since the beginning of the year, but no mention is made that it was China who unleashed a ravishing virus that caused the economic catastrophe to begin with. The recovery is well underway, as of now, and Trump claims he will bring back the economy like it was before the pandemic hit us.
  10. They claim after reading an anonymous article in the Atlantic Magazine that Trump called our fallen soldiers “suckers and losers” while on a trip to Europe. Multiple individuals who were on that trip have gone on the record to refute those anonymous sources and the allegations made. Even a Trump critic, John Bolton, who was on that trip, has said he never heard the president make those comments.

The list could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the picture. His critics parse or twist his every word or action, in order to make him look bad in the eyes of the voting public. In the eyes of the Democrats and their lackey’s in the media, Trump can do no right, he can only do wrong. The media is over 90% negative toward Trump and the Republicans, which proves that they will not hold the lying Democrat candidates feet to the fire strictly because they hate Trump so much.

So, when the Democrats accuse Trump of being a serial liar, they should look in the mirror to see who the real liars are. As the old saying goes, “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. Both Biden/Harris deserve the designation of “4 Pinocchio’s”.

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