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Hospice: Sounding The Alarm On Mass Stealth Euthanasia

Hospice: Sounding The Alarm About Mass Stealth Euthanasia
The Hospice Patients Alliance, Inc. corporation ceased operations in October 2020. HPA was an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization serving the general public. Information will remain on its website as a service to the public who seek answers not readily found elsewhere.

LAKE GENEVA, WI – Hospice Patients Alliance, which for 22 years has advocated on behalf of the elderly, infirm and vulnerable by exposing corruption in the hospice and palliative care industry – and has been featured in this column several times – is, sadly, dissolving. It’s corporation ceased operations this month, October 2020.

Ron Panzer, HPA’s founder and president, wrote in an email to me: “I’m getting older and it’s time to move on. I knew years ago that we would need help and have asked many individuals to help. I was called to do this work but now believe that I’ve been relieved of this mission. It’s time for others to advocate for the people — in their own way.”

Panzer wrote that “dozens and dozens of doctors, nurses, social workers, therapists and ministers have contacted us through the years and confirmed what we have reported. However, not one would publicly volunteer to become a member of our board and actually take questions from the public on an ongoing basis. Many would speak in private but none would come out publicly to write an article and be an ongoing ‘face’ of HPA to expose the corruption in the hospice industry.”

“Part of me feels devastated to have to end HPA, which I had hoped would go on with others at the helm. It became too painful for me to listen to the horrific stories of the family members telling about what the murdering hospice staff did to their loved ones. It became more and more painful as the years went on. It’s not easy to listen to.”

Panzer used the relatively recent example of the governors of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania committing “mass stealth euthanasia…by intentionally making sure that infected COVID-19 patients were sent into the nursing homes.”

He explained: “They prohibited nursing home administrators from refusing admission to infected patients. And this was done when the federal government provided the Navy hospital ship the Comfort to take in patients needing non-COVID treatments — if the hospitals were full taking care of COVID patients — and then later allowed COVID patients.”

“But Cuomo didn’t use [the ship]. Nor did he use the emergency hospital beds created in New York at the Javits Center. Thousands and thousands of elderly were manipulated into death.”

Panzer gives a warning about the future.

“There’s an overwhelming force being applied to the nations of the world to remake them in the ‘Great Reset,’ a very real process victimizing people all over the world. There are also political forces that threaten life — threaten millions of lives — that will make the pro-life issues seem minor in a way.”

“Some might say that’s a shocking statement, but I’ve explained many, many times that there are forces advancing the cultures of death in a much more vigorous way. I have written about this in both ‘Restoring the Culture of Life’ and ‘Radical Radical: Deception and the Cultures of Death.’ People are not paying attention.”

HPA’s website will, at least for the time being, remain online as a “legacy” website. Visit

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