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Kamala Harris, A Heartbeat Away

Kamala Harris
Democrat primary voters were correct in not choosing Kamala Harris as their Democratic  candidate where she accumulated about 2% of all the votes cast during the primary. Harris speaking at the Democratic National Convention summer session in San Francisco, California. August 23, 2019, Photo credit: Sheila Fitzgerald /, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – If what you saw at the Vice-Presidential debate, between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, makes you feel exhilarated by Mike Pence’s performance, just think if the Biden/Harris ticket wins, there’s a good chance that she will become the president in the future.

Most observers know that she was outclassed by Vice-President Mike Pence in most all topics asked of them. Her phony smile and faux outrage was in full display as she struggled to answer and not answer the questions asked.  It was quite obvious that SHE IS NOT PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL. The Democrat primary voters were correct in not choosing her as their candidate where she accumulated about 2% of all the votes cast during the primary.

When confronted with comments that she and her running mate have made in the past, she couldn’t or wouldn’t explain their flip-flops. An example was when she was asked about whether she supported “packing the Supreme Court”, the same question that was asked of Biden the previous week, she refused to answer a simple “YES” or “NO” question. Their silence or non-answer means that they are in favor, otherwise they would’ve said NO. The reason the Democrats want to expand the number of justices is strictly for political reasons and not for judicial prudence.

It was quite obvious that Kamala Harris is lacking in political acumen, especially in the areas of foreign policy and economic knowledge matters.  She, as an example, wouldn’t place the blame on China for unleashing a viral pandemic on us and the rest of the world, probably because of the cozy relationship that her running mate has had with the Chinese government. An example is Biden’s son, Hunter, having a large financial relationship still with the communist government.

Since Joe Biden is 78 years old and has noticeable cognitive problems, it is obvious that a vice-president should be capable of taking over as president.  So, a vote for Biden/Harris is a vote for a possible vice-president taking over the reins of government sometimes in the near future. Remember, Biden and Harris both have championed a “progressive” agenda proposed by Bernie Sanders. Those proposals are: a Green New Deal; a government mandated minimum wage; open borders and free college tuition and healthcare for illegal aliens; paying off student debt; rescinding the Trump tax cuts for all, not just for the top 1%; favoring abortion up to the time of breech of the baby and continued subsidizing of Planned Parenthood; stopping the construction of the southern border wall; directing funds away from law enforcement; approval of “Sanctuary Cities”, and other far-left proposals that were part of the Bernie Sanders “Manifesto” that Joe Biden agreed to. By agreeing to those proposals, it put to rest the idea that Joe Biden is a moderate candidate, ditto for his vice-president.

So, when a voter is ready to cast his/her vote, they must take into consideration who they are really voting for – the president or the vice-president. Kamala Harris, if the Biden/Harris ticket prevails, would be a heart beat away from being president. That should seriously concern any rational citizen.

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