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How Are “The Proud Boys” The Equivalent of ANTIFA and BLM? Are They Burning, Pillaging, Attacking Police or Occupying Cities?

Proud Boys
Conservative members of The Proud Boys and the Boogaloo Boys joined together for a Back the Blue rally in Portland, Oregon, United States, August 22, 2020. Photo credit: Robert P. Alvarez /, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – In order to deflect from the violent, illegal, destructive activities of ANTIFA and BLM, the Democrats and the “fake news media” are putting forth the notion that the main problem facing the United States is the “Proud Boys”.  They claim that the “Proud Boys” are a far-right group that is a threat to our country.  What have they done to warrant that designation as a domestic terrorist organization? Are they burning, pillaging, attacking police and occupying parts of certain towns and cities like the far-left groups, ANTIFA and BLM?

The detractors of the “Proud Boys” are the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center – a far-left organization who compiles a list of all groups it considers “hate” groups, on that list are Right-to-Life groups, the Family Research Council, etc. and they do list some far-left groups, but their main thrust is against conservative groups), and the main stream media which supports the Democrat Party on most issues and could be called the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

Over the last couple of years I have seen no members of the “Proud Boys” doing violent things, like burning buildings, attacking the police, disrupting rallies and speakers in public, and taking over and occupying some towns and cities, as have the far-left anarchist groups mentioned above.

The only incidents, that I can gather from my research, is that the Proud Boys have participated in confrontations against the radical domestic groups ANTIFA and BLM.  If that is the extent of their activities along with their support of President Trump, should they be labeled as radical domestic terrorists?  Chris Wallace, at the first presidential debate, only gave Trump a gotcha question about the “Proud Boys” while avoiding asking Biden about ANTIFA and BLM. Could that be classified as a political ambush by an anti- Trump Democrat moderator?

The lies in the media are very obvious that anyone or any group that supports Trump must be out of the mainstream and must be labeled an extremist group. It’s like the Democrats and the media have their blinders on as ANTIFA and BLM are being given a pass and are praised, while the Proud Boys get labeled a far-right militant group.

From what I understand, the “Proud Boys” are an extension of the 2009/2010 “Tea Party”.  The “Tea Party” was a loosely knit conservative group that organized protests against President Obama and his desire to implement a government sponsored health care plan. Their rallies were peaceful and generated a large following  which resulted in the House of Representatives becoming Republican after almost 40 years of Democrat control. The “Tea Party” was also labeled a far-right “hate” group.

If there are a few “crazies” in the ranks of the “Proud Boys”, should that result in condemning the whole organization? The real violent, disruptive groups are ANTIFA and BLM, not the “Proud Boys” or other groups that differ in views and philosophy from the liberal, progressive orthodoxy.

If the “Proud Boys” act up like ANTIFA and BLM, then they should be condemned and vilified. Meanwhile, get your priorities straight and call a spade a spade. Condemn the groups that cause mayhem and havoc, not the people who support conservative views and who support President Trump.  Never in my life have I seen such an organized effort to undermine our democratic republic which our founding fathers gave to us over 230 years ago. It has got to stop if we are to survive as a nation.

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