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Are ANTIFA and BLM Acting as Democrat Storm Troopers?

Antifa members march at a Patriot Prayer rally in Portland Oregon. August 4th, 2018. Photo credit: Eric Crudup /, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – After the last presidential debate the question of extremist groups came up, but for some unknown reason the only extremist groups mentioned were White Supremacists (a/k/a White Nationalists) not the real extremist groups that are causing all the mayhem and havoc all across our country, namely ANTIFA and BLM (Black Lives Matter).

Chris Wallace, debate moderator and a registered Democrat, posed a “gotcha” question to President Trump asking him to denounce White Supremacists. Trump answered by giving a vague denouncement which the “fake news media” jumped on to say that Trump was fearful of condemning those groups, thereby giving his approval. Of course, the Democrats and the “fake news media” forgot to to mention that Trump has repeatedly condemned those groups, but that didn’t deter his opponents from trying to tie him to these extremist groups.

If Chris Wallace was fair and balanced, he would’ve asked Joe Biden if he would condemn the radical domestic terrorist groups, ANTIFA and BLM, who sometimes are referred to as “Democrat Storm Troopers”. The canard that has been propagated by the Democrats and the media, is that President Trump is a bigot, a racist, and a Fascist. It’s funny that President Trump, in his past life as a successful businessman and entrepreneur, was praised for his relationships with all religious, ethnic, and racial groups as being a really good guy.  He was even given an award by Jesse Jackson’s “Rainbow Coalition” as being a good friend of the black community. All that praise came to an end when Donald Trump announced he was running for president as a Republican. From that time on, he has been unjustly vilified as being a bigot, a racist, and a Fascist. According to his political enemies, his transformation as being a “good guy”, is now to being a bad guy. You could say that the Democrats and their flunky’s in the media are poster children for the term hypocrites.

The term “Storm Troopers”, was a term attributed to Hitler’s thugs who would round up innocent people, mainly Jews, and then sending them to concentration camps where many died a horrible death.


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Both ANTIFA and BLM have been using some unfortunate police/citizen fatal incidents as an excuse to rampage in quite a few towns and cities across our country, just like Hitler’s “Storm Troopers” did throughout Germany and the conquered countries of Europe.

Where’s the outrage by the Democrats and the Biden campaign? Is the silence because those domestic terrorist groups are supporters of Joe Biden for president, and they don’t want to alienate them before the  presidential election of November 3?

So, when the Democrats and Biden call Trump a bigot, a racist, and a Fascist, they should look in the mirror so they can see the real bigots, racists, and Fascists. As vile and extreme as some White Supremacists are, they are not the ones causing all the looting, arson, violence, and killing around the country, it’s the “Democrat Storm Troopers” under the names of ANTIFA and BLM that are the guilty one’s.

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