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Keep Your Eye On Chris Wallace Tonight; Key Player In Presidential Debate

Chris Wallace of Fox News, at the third and final 2016 presidential debates between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump. Thomas and Mack Center at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. October 19, 2016. Photo credit: C-SPAN.

BOCA RATON, FL – The elephant in the room to watch tonight will be the moderator, Chris Wallace. He will be the key player in the debate. Will he pin Biden to the wall, as he surely will do to President Trump? Will he keep Biden on track, push for answers, brush aside his pre-planned, memorized responses to questions never asked? Keep your eye on Wallace for avoiding key issues such as Hunter’s association with the Chinese and Ukrainians. What did Joe know, when and what assistance did he give his kid with these countries’ leaders who had billions at stake with our government? Will he go after Biden’s lifelong history of overt, outrageous lies that continued through this weekend? Will he delve into the Russian hoax? Will he question Joe’s obvious health issues? Will Joe demand being seated during this two hour session? Will his hand shake while sipping water? Will a split camera be trained on Biden throughout?

Will Wallace be overly courteous to Biden, showing kindness to this old, tottering man who is obviously on the verge of falling apart? Will Wallace’s demeanor change when questioning Trump? If so, Trump will surely call him out on it and demand equal treatment. Trump is a seasoned battler in business. And for four years as our leader he’s already faced off against the likes of Putin, Xi Jinping of China and North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un, all cutthroat killers. And he came out the winner. He’s stood the test. Biden has been hidden away in his basement, taking no-brainer questions from a sympathetic, kindly, compassionately understanding press that a first grader could hit out of the ballpark.

Who knows what Chris Wallace has planned for the evening’s program? Perhaps he might be considering that an equal grueling of both contestants, letting neither off the hook and as a result, pushing Biden over the brink, might signal the end of his own career. He’d never be able to find employment again in the Progressive media business once he leaves Fox. This bit of realism might have him give Biden the edge. Who knows? He truly has the election in his hands tonight. Let’s wait and see.

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