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What Would the Democrats Do?

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President Trump plans on nominating a Supreme Court justice to fill the vacant seat of the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg – a right and obligation, as stated in the Constitution. Photo credit Shutterstock licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – The Democrats are going apoplectic over the fact that President Trump plans on nominating a Supreme Court justice to fill the vacant seat of the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg. They have threatened violence, another impeachment, and threats to change our Constitution, if Trump goes ahead with his right, as stated in the Constitution, to nominate someone to the Supreme Court bench. Why all the vitriol and vituperation over a president doing his duty?

To my way of thinking, it is the fear, on the part of the Democrats and the left-wing zealots, that the person Trump nominates (a strict constructionist conservative) will be the deciding vote to overturn the left’s “Holy Grail” of abortion. God forbid the the procedure of abortion is done away with or restricted, the pro-abortion zealots will have a conniption fit. How does the over turning of this practice, they claim is necessary for a woman’s health, be the catalyst for violent protests around the country? Is child birth, in the vast majority of cases, a danger to society or to women’s health? After all, the people who favor abortion have already been born.

If, by chance, abortion is restricted in some way (the overturning Of Roe vs. Wade still hasn’t happened in the 48 years since its ruling), all hell will break loose by the loony left. Public protests, both civil and violent, will take place around the country (mainly in Blue States) as the abortion lobby is well financed (another George Soros project) and well organized by using the social media.

My thoughts are, that the right of a woman to have an abortion will not be outlawed, but I do believe that certain restrictions will be put in place (ex: late term abortion etc.). With that being said, if the shoe was on the other foot in determining whether to put a liberal on the Supreme Court, do you think the Democrats will do what the Republicans are planning on doing?  Is the Pope Catholic? Of course they would, and they said so in 2016 during the Merritt Garland nomination. They now could be called real hypocrites.

So, all this wringing of the hands and hyperbolic ranting by the Democrats, will be the norm in the coming weeks and months. Charges against Trump and the Republicans will be ratcheted up and vile names and epithets will be thrown around willy-nilly by both the Democrats and the their cronies in the “fake news media”. This along with the presidential election, will put our country in the cross hairs of civil unrest for the remainder of the year.

The threats by the Democrats and the media will hopefully be muted over time with four more years of President Trump. The slander will continue and the left will vent their faux anger, but since Trump will not have to worry about re-election for the next 4 years, he will be free to do the right thing to maintain law and order. It is imperative that Trump be re-elected as the alternative (Biden/Harris) will put us on the road to becoming another Cuba or Venezuela. The anarchy and insurrection will be confronted and marginalized by a 2nd Trump Administration.

So the answer to our headline is YES, the Democrats would do what the Republicans are planning to do; no ifs, ands, or buts. Let’s hope and pray that President Trump prevails, our country will be the main beneficiary of that result.

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