Ticktin Law Group Files Emergency Motion In Circuit Court of Martin County for Release of Non-Violent Offender On Account Of COVID-19 In Jail

Peter Ticktin, Esq., Senior Partner of The Ticktin Law Group Deerfield Beach, FL. which filed the emergency motion to reduce by only a few months the 15-year prison sentence Willian Hawley on account of COVID-19; filed in Circuit Court of Martin County.

STUART, FL – According to the The Ticktin Law Group, an emergency motion to reduce by only a few months the 15-year prison sentence of fully reformed, non-violent offender Willian Hawley on account of his being deathly afraid of catching COVID-19 was filed in Circuit Court of Martin County.

The reason the motion is an emergency is that Hawley is presently serving a sentence for his non-violent crime of walking off a work detail while serving a sentence for grand theft committed in Florida, said the circuit court petition filed by attorney Francis Mota of The Ticktin Law Group in Deerfield Beach, FL.

The reason Hawley, who is an author and a fully-reformed inmate, is serving his time out of Florida is that his cooperation with federal police agencies put him in serious jeopardy in Florida, said Mota.

The undisclosed out of state prison where Hawley is serving his sentence has now released all the other non-violent prisoners with less than a year remaining on their sentences due to the COVID-19 emergency endangering prison populations.

As COVID-19 spreads among violent offenders, Hawley should be released as were the other non-violent offenders in the out of state prison where he is confined, said Mota.

“Bill has been in prison long enough for a non-violent offence,” said Tom Madden, CEO of TransMedia Group.  “He’s completely reformed and ready to become a decent, law-abiding citizen and a productive author, so why keep him imprisoned even for another 24 hours when COVID is knocking on his cell block.”

During his prison term, Hawley has been a model prisoner who successfully passed college courses in prison and has written a book about alleged serial killer Robert Durst “Dursturbed,” a tell all tale about Hawley’s mission to bring the multi-millionaire Durst to justice.

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