GIULIANI: Bill de Blasio Is Clearly The Worst Mayor In History – New York Is Now An ‘Anarchist’ City; He May Even Be An Accessory To Robbery

NEW YORK, NY – In a recent interview with Fox Business, former New York City Mayor – and current personal lawyer to President Donald Trump – Rudy Giuliani blasted the current NYC Mayor, Bill de Blasio, claiming that he is literally a danger to his constituents, citing his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent police protest marches in the city that have turned violent and destructive.

“The man is, without doubt, a terrible mayor. He’s a danger. People die as a result of his incompetence,” Giuliani told “Mornings with Maria” host Maria Bartiromo. “He has clearly been the worst mayor in the history of the city. I can’t tell you how bad he is, how many things he’s done wrong.”

Giuliani claimed that de Blasio failed to utilize the Navy hospital ship Comfort when Trump dispatched it to New York City to assist with the ongoing pandemic; he also blamed the Mayor for an increase in attacks on police officers in the city and violence and looting due to riots that broke out during recent Black Lives Matter protests.

“He ran against the police department,” Giuliani said. “He demonized it. That’s how he got elected.”

United States Attorney William Barr recently declared NYC an “anarchist city” due to recent civil rights protests that have at times turned violent, lawless and destructive, despite the fact that said protests have largely all but disappeared in the city in recent weeks. Giuliani addressed this during his interview, claiming that de Blasio possibly ordered police not to intervene in any crimes that they saw happening.

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“The New York City Police Department wouldn’t do that unless they were ordered to do that,” he said. “And I believe if you ever held a trial, you could call police commanders who would testify that the mayor personally called them and told them to stand down. I don’t even know if that makes [de Blasio] an accessory to robbery.”

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