Compilation Video of Joe Biden Narrated by Clinical Social Worker Said To Be “Disgusting,” “Creepy,” and “Eye Opening” – Circulating on Social Media


NEW YORK, NY – An online video compilation of former Vice President Joe Biden acting inappropriately around woman and children has been circulating on social media since May, seeing increased viewers when it was retweeted by a prominent account, accompanying a hashtag of the word “Disgusting” shared by Brad Parscale, senior adviser for data and digital operations for Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign.

In the video, Biden is seen ‘crossing boundaries’ with both women and children as well as saying inappropriate things while being narrated by trauma expert Anthony Zenkus who in the video details some of the ways sexual predators harm children, not only physically, but mentally. The video is commonly accompanied by the hashtag, #HeebieJeebieJoe as well as #BidensBoundaries on Twitter.

According to Columbia University’s website, the narrator, Professor Anthony Zenkus, LCSW, (an acronym for Licensed Clinical Social Worker) is the director of education for The Safe Center, a victim’s services agency in Long Island New York providing services for survivors of family violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. According to the University’s bio of Zenkus, he has worked for 30 years in the field of youth and family services.

Zenkus also posted the video suggesting he is the creator of the unsettling skit, or at minimum, is aware of its content and supports its message.

“As a professional in the field of sexual violence, I’m saying that we need to talk about Joe Biden’s unsafe behaviors around children and adults. Boundaries matter, says Professor Anthony Zenkus, trauma expert in the video he tagged #BidensBoundaries.

In an article published that same month, Zenkus wrote on Common Dreams, a 501 nonprofit news website, that its often difficult to identify a predator when it is someone you’re fond of.

It’s hard when someone you like, someone you think is a good man or woman, is accused of rape. Our first instinct is to not believe it. That’s normal. But when the evidence starts to pile up, when multiple witnesses come forward, as is the case with Tara Reade, saying she told them decades ago about how Joe Biden raped her, it gets harder to not believe it.

The video was also posted to Facebook by a group called “Too Far Left Media” with a statement attributed to Zenkus saying “Everyone, regardless of their gender expression or age, deserves to walk through this world with their physical boundaries intact and not living in fear that they will be violated.”

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