Parler Releases Election Transparency Pledge; Free Speech Social Platform Will Host Unfiltered Content Leading To And After Election Day

According to COO and Strategic Investor Jeffrey Wernick, Parler will be the home for unfiltered, uncensored, real-time election coverage. The new social network known for free speech will honor the right of all to speak freely to the community of users, who have grown accustomed to being able to read, watch, comment, parley—and decide for themselves what to think. 

LAS VEGAS, NV – To counter the de facto censorship planned by tech publishers like Facebook and Twitter, Parler has released a pledge to bring transparency and sunlight to the 2020 elections. In a document written by COO and Strategic Investor Jeffrey Wernick, Parler announced that it will work with all parties and stakeholders to host unfiltered election content so that voters can hear all perspectives and decide for themselves what to think.

The full pledge is included here: By popular account, Benjamin Franklin was asked the question as he strode from the Constitutional Convention in 1787, “What did we get, Doctor?” 

He famously answered, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

We have held on to our Republic for 233 years, and trust in the integrity of our elections has been key. Americans have been confident that the vote of The People was secure and that transitions of power would be lawful. 

But now, after months of indefinite lockdowns imposed with questionable authority and the Nation’s purse strings stretched beyond a limit any reasonable person would deem prudent, there looms a dire threat: a coordinated information blackout.  

Recent polling by the Pew Center shows that half of voters expect it to be difficult to vote during this pandemic year, an expectation that will cast doubt on the legitimacy of the outcome. States across the Nation are scrambling to implement broad mail-in ballot programs, often governed by vague, unfamiliar rules that many Americans simply do not trust. 

Whether their concerns are overblown is debatable, but research from MIT’s Election lab found that such programs increase the chance of fraud or error, particularly in jurisdictions where the system is new. We have seen major problems this year in places like New Jersey where a municipal election, held entirely by mail for the first time, was deemed to have been “irreversibly tainted,” and results were thrown out. 

Matters won’t be helped when political power brokers execute their plans to delegitimize and challenge the results. Nor will they be helped when Facebook, Twitter and YouTube exercise their moderation powers as they see fit to impair the free flow of information. 

By the time we finally do get official results—something Mark Zuckerberg is telling us we may not get for weeks—we could end up with a President-Elect the authority of whom roughly half of Americans won’t respect. That’s a recipe for instability, conflict, even violence. 

We at Parler have no influence over election strategies nor can we predict the future. What we do know is that there will be a tremendous information deficit when Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter fire up their content-curation machines to halt the free flow of information. 

Zuckerberg and his technoauthoritarian pals have made their plans clear. They will impose de facto censorship and an information blackout in which only “approved” information sources may be read, seen and heard. This plan is a recipe for disaster.

The slogan of The Washington Post is, “Democracy Dies in the Dark.” At Parler, we could not agree more. We will not let this backout stand!

Trust in election results requires transparency. The very last thing Americans need is to be coddled, babysat and spoon-fed propaganda. The People demand and deserve to hear from all sides, parties, and sources, so that they may exercise their own judgment. No one should be blocked, banned or censored, whether by government agents or Silicon Valley special interests. Biased editors and content curators should not be telling us what we may see, hear, read, write, say, or think. 

Parler will be the home for unfiltered, uncensored, real-time election coverage. We invite all candidates, parties, election observers, journalists, and interested citizens to share news, information, and commentary on Parler. We will honor the right of all to speak freely to the community of users, who have grown accustomed to being able to read, watch, comment, parley—and decide for themselves what to think. Parler will be the hub for exit polling, poll watching, ballot counting, ballot recounting, legal challenges, breaking news and analysis from all perspectives.

While this approach is just business as usual for Parler, we are proud to be doing our part to ensure that no candidate or special interest will be able cheat, interfere, incite unrest, or steal an election in the darkness. Sunshine is the antidote to election fraud and interference.

Americans deserve nothing less than full transparency. It is essential for the legitimacy of, trust in, and respect for election outcomes. We are here to provide it. 

Join the movement at Parler.

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