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Joe Biden’s Delusions of Adequacy

Joe Biden
Democratic presidential candidate VP. Joe Biden delivers remarks on the Trump administration’s recent actions in Iraq at Chelsea Piers on January 07, 2020 in New York City. Editorial credit: Ron Adar /, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Joe Biden has been in government for almost 50 years, what has he done in all those years that makes him stand out as a possible President of the United States? If you listen to him, he spouts out an endless stream of platitudes and anti-Trump rhetoric. As the old Wendy’s spokeswoman, Sarah Peller, used to say, “Where’s the Beef”, can be directed at Biden who seems to have nothing to offer but “delusions of adequacy”.

In the short period of the last year, Biden has changed his positions, for better or worse, on almost everything he has previously said. In fact, he even changed some of his positions in the same sentence (ex: on fracking – he was against it before he was in favor of it). It’s almost like he has no core beliefs only what others tell him to believe.

He claims to be a moderate Democrat, but then agrees to aManifesto with Socialist Bernie Sanders. How can you be called a moderate by joining forces with comrade Bernie Sanders?

The far-left of the Democrat Party (with Bernie’s manifesto) has espoused the following:

  1. A “Green New Deal” (doing away with fossil fuels in the years to come).
  2.  Raising the minimum wage by government mandate and not letting the free market determine the wages that are paid.
  3.  Packing the Supreme Court hoping to get a “Progressive” majority.
  4.  Getting rid of the Electoral College in determining our presidential elections.
  5.  Giving amnesty, free healthcare and college tuition to illegal aliens.
  6.  Re-instituting government regulations that President Trump has negated.
  7.  Being in favor of late term abortion up until breech.
  8.  Cutting funds or re-directing funds to our law enforcement agencies by trying to appease the radical domestic terrorist groups, BLM and ANTIFA.
  9. Raising taxes on all taxpayers, not just the “evil” 1%.
  10. Halting the construction of the wall on the southern border thereby letting illegals come into the country unfettered.

Joe Biden has already “flip-flopped” on many of those proposals in the Bernie/Biden manifesto as he tries to show his “moderate” credentials as he tries to appeal to the electorate. But, one might ask, what does he really believe?

For most of his campaign, Joe Biden has not appealed to voters on the basis of what he will do for the people, but on why they shouldn’t vote for President Trump. Yes, there is an anti-Trump cabal out there who will vote for anyone, regardless, who opposes Trump no matter who he is running against. Is that what the country needs during these trying times? Shouldn’t a candidates record count for something? Should personality or perceived bad manners be the determining factor in choosing a president?

The choice is between a president who has accomplished many beneficial acts, even under a concerted effort of resistance by both the Democrats and the media, or a challenger who proposes acts against our free enterprise capitalist system, and who attacks the opposing candidate on a daily basis, not on his policies, but on his character. I believe the electorate will choose President Trump for another four years as opposed to a candidate that has nothing to offer but “delusions of adequacy”.


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