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On Confrontations Between Blacks And The Police: “They Knew the Risk When They Took the Job” Shows How Out of Touch These Radicals Are

Police Car Being Burned During Protest March Against Police Violence Over Death Of George Floyd. Los Angeles - May 30, 2020. Photo credit: Hayk Shalunts /, licensed.
Police Car Being Burned During Protest March Against Police Violence Over Death Of George Floyd. Los Angeles – May 30, 2020. Photo credit: Hayk Shalunts /, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – The people who make the excuse for the violence against the police by stating that “They Knew the Risk When They Took the Job” shows how out of touch these radicals are in their disdain for law and order and the police.

The poster that refers to this statement is as follows: “When police are killed in the line of duty, you always hear the same sentiment from the left: “They knew the risk when they took the job”. How come we can’t apply this same logic when they knew the risk when criminals are killed during arrests? “They knew the risk when they did the crime”.

It seems most all confrontations between blacks and the police are a result of a reported crime being committed and the non-compliance of the suspected criminal to the orders of the police. Even before all the facts of a case comes out, the radical mobs have turned these criminals into martyrs and an excuse to cause mayhem and havoc in the areas where these confrontations took place. The groups that have used these instances of police confrontations to perpetrate violence and destruction of property are BLM (Black Lives Matter) and ANTIFA.

The overwhelming truth, in most all these confrontations, is that the black person (mostly black males) being confronted or arrested resists arrest, sometimes with a weapon or a facsimile.

As comedian Chris Rock once said in his widely popular video watched over 18 million times, you could say that most if not all of these instances would’ve been avoided if the suspect obeyed the demands of the law enforcement officer.

When a perpetrator or an alleged perpetrator violently resists or attacks the police officer, bad things tend to happen, sometimes leading to the death of the resister. And so it is with most of the cases of excess police actions that sometimes results in the killing of the black person. It is reasonable to assume that if the person confronting or attacking the police would’ve just complied with the orders of the police, they would be alive today.

With the rise of the radical domestic terrorist groups (both professing Marxist ideology) namely BLM and ANTIFA, we’ve seen a concerted effort to denigrate the police to the detriment of society, especially in minority inner cities where crime is out of control. Lawlessness seems to be rampant in some towns and cities as a result of this uncalled for campaign against the police and law enforcement. Feckless politicians have added fuel to the fire by abdicating their responsibility in keeping law and order in their jurisdictions. In addition, George Soros has funded radical district attorney’s who have added to the problem by refusing to prosecute those criminal marauders causing all this illegal mayhem.

It is amazing that one of our major political parties, the Democrats, have generally remained silent in not condemning these terrorist groups.  Could this silence have come about through political considerations, as they think they can tie this insurrection upon the shoulders of President Trump? It seems just the opposite has occurred, as the people look upon Trump as being for law and order and not for appeasement of the mobs, which bodes well for his re-election.

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