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Political Correctness Protocol Holds Sway Over Much Of Our Land; Your Vote And Voice In November Will Put A Change To That

Political Correctness
Two football players at Little Miami High School have been placed back on active status after being suspended from practice for carrying a “thin blue line” flag and “thin red line” flag across the field before their game on Sept. 11. The move was in order to honor police officers and firefighters on Septembeer 11, 2020.

BOCA RATON, FL – A very joyous, L’Shana Tovah, a good New Year to our Jewish supporters. And a not so silent prayer should be uttered, in every house of worship or in our homes that we will be blessed with another four years of leadership from President Trump. But remember, “G-d helps those who help themselves,” meaning the brunt of the work is on our shoulders to make our prayers come true. And to help us along, a message from above was sent to us in the form of two fearless, heroic young kids from Morrow, Ohio, whose bravery and love of country should spur us on to victory in November.

Brady Williams and Jared Bentley, football players for that town’s Little Miami High School, prior to the start of their game on the evening of this year’s 9/11, had the audacity to run across the field, to the cheers of the fans, one carrying a “Thin Blue Line” and the other a “Thin Red Line” American flag in remembrance of the 19th Anniversary of the attacks. Good for them! However, both boys were suspended because they did it against the will of their school’s oafish administration. Both kids are sons of first responders. Bravery and patriotism run through their veins. Cowardice and weakness ooze from their supposed mentors.

The week before the game both Williams and Bentley had formally asked for approval to carry the flags but were told by administrators that would not be allowed. The fool who is the Superintendent of Little Miami Schools, Gregory Power received harsh backlash from the community for his stupidity in punishing these kids. His statement in response to the ensuing fury of the townspeople:

“Little Miami Local Schools is (sic) saddened to see this story take such a negative turn. While we understand these students’ desire to show their support of our first responders, they did not obtain permission from district officials. Administrators must act when students break the rules.”


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Displaying the flag is against the rules? Since when did the BLM movement take over that town? If some moronic, black and white students had carried the BLM, Gay Pride or Hammer and Sickle flag across the field, would they have incurred suspensions as well? No Way. Political Correctness protocol holds sway over much of our land. Your vote and voice will put a change to that.

For all of us, no matter of what faith or belief, the future of this country now hangs in the balance. Do the forces of evil take over? Will the freedoms that are reflected in the words found in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution be trampled upon and erased by our own lack of resolve to fight for them? Youngsters, American kids such as Brady Williams and Jared Bentley, heroes from Morrow, Ohio, won’t let it happen. Let’s stand with them.

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