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Representative For Florida’s 22nd Congressional District Ted Deutch: Which Party Has Earned the Jewish Vote? Teddy Is Tongue-Tied, Silent, Mute

Ted Deutch
Representative for Florida’s 22nd congressional district Ted Deutch, as he rudely lambasted Attorney General William Barr in front of millions of viewers about his professionalism and ethics. July 28, 2020 in Washington. Photo credit: C-SPAN.

BOCA RATON, FL – You know who Ted Deutch is, don’t you? He’s a Congressman (sort of) representing parts of Boca, Delray, Boynton Beach and Broward. It’s obvious by his cowardly, deceptive behavior that he’s a Democrat. He was the hand picked replacement for Robert Wexler, also of the Far Left persuasion who faked out his Jewish constituents by claiming to support Israel and actually committed a federal crime by illegally living with his family in Maryland for years, while representing Floridians. You can’t make this up. Wexler, as soon as he vacated his Congressional seat, after being given the opportunity to do so and avoid prosecution by Obama’s wingman, AG Eric Holder, took the job as Chairman of the pro-Palestinian group, Center for Middle East Peace and continued, this time openly, to kiss Yasser Arafat’s ass by shilling for this killer to be accepted by Jews. Wicked Wexler.

Teddy-boy is no different in his deceptions. He hawks his pro-Jewish/Israel support while keeping mum, during the Obama’s displays of open hatred for Israel. Ted was silent when Barack Hussein stated that he wanted “daylight between Israel and the United States,” when Obama made the nuclear deal with Iran, when Obama humiliated Netanyahu multiple times during the Prime Minister’s visits to this country and when Obama in his final days in office had our UN rep abstain and not veto the Security Council Resolution 2334 and thereby permitted that chamber to unanimously condemn Israel for not taking the knee to Palestinian demands. And oh-yeah, he refused to attend our Embassy’s move to Jerusalem. Most recently, with Congresswoman Ilahn Omar, an open Jew hater, sitting right next to him on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, he’s remained silent about her Josef Goebbel’s like claims that American Jews are traitors to this country and that they control our foreign policy with their Benjamins.” When another black legislator, Congressman Hank Johnson (D-GA) called Jews “termites,” Teddy was silent. So why have him represent us? What good is he?

Teddy, we hear, has also been contacted by frantic local Dems about the Obama/Biden 2015 Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing act (AFFH) about which we’ve been trumpeting. That disaster for us, would be resurrected from the wastebasket that Trump recently tossed it into, with a Biden victory. The AFFH would destroy our South Florida communities with federally forced integration by edict and zoning and as well, the eradication, through the courts, of the “55 and Over” rules that make our areas the paradise they now are. He reportedly ordered his toadies to “Keep mum until the election is over.” That’s why your questions to your Progressive HOA and Condo leaders have been vehemently and rudely brushed off. They have their orders! Although they are your neighbors and have been elected to represent you, they will not give you the courtesy of a response. And they will stand by as our communities are destroyed. Politics above responsibility.

Lastly, Teddy is a coward who refuses to face the challenge of a debate. Three months ago I sent him an E-mail, phoned his office twice and snail-mailed him a hard copy letter requesting he debate me on the issue, “Which Party Has Earned the Jewish Vote?” Ted hasn’t answered. He’s pulling a Biden avoidance move. Ted is tongue-tied, silent, mute. Here’s a House Sub-Committee Chair, a heavy hitter who rudely lambasted AG Barr in front of millions of viewers about his professionalism and ethics, yet is fearful of facing off with a lowly, retired teacher in a local debate. The guy’s a wimp. His opponent this November is Jim Pruden, an honest, down to earth, new to politics guy who in his first day in office would do more than Teddy has done in his 10 do-nothing years in the House.

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