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Op-Ed: Netflix Pedophilia On Full Display In Disgusting New Show Titled “Cuties” – Official Trailer Sports Nine Million Views on YouTube


FORT WORTH, TX – I’m not a some would call a “prude” by a long shot. I believe if you are a consenting adult you should be able to do what you want within the confines of your own home. Note that I said adult. Recently Netflix has come out with a new show called “Cuties”. It is based around four eleven-year-old girls and them expressing themselves sexually.

Eleven? Do eleven-year-old girls even know how to express themselves sexually? There are four girls on a stage performing for an adult audience. They are clad in less than Daisy Dukes and a top that doesn’t conceal much and not that an eleven-year-old girl should have that much.

The trailer published on YouTube on August 18, already has nine million views. These four prepubescent girls are twerking in their dance routine, making moves that are strongly sexual and touching themselves in their privates.

We all, or we all should know that the democrats would love to drop the age of consent to fourteen years old. They are the bastions of pedophilia, human trafficking and other disgusting practices with children.

Are you aware that they are starting to teach the benefits of mutual masturbation in third grade? Really? Is this what our country has become?

We all know about Epstein and his good ole boys club loved the young girls and some of them as young as these four girls that are being used for the purposes of desensitization to having sex with little girls or boys. What would you say if this was one of your children? Would you care or think this is the way kids learn about sex?

If you answer yes, I think that you have a lot of issues and need some serious help. The type of people that are involved with pedophilia are also linked to demonic cults that ritualize sexual abuse of children and child sacrifices.

Do you deny what I say? It is all out there for you to explore with a few simple commands on your favorite web browser. Go ahead and try it. Shocked? If not I question your ability to be a parent and you should not have any child living in your home.

As each day passes it becomes clearer to those who have eyes what is happening. If you don’t believe in a supreme power some of you will know that the actions of the extreme left are wrong. You are the ones that don’t want anyone to sexually abuse your child much less put it for viewing on Netflix.

But then there are those that take a perverted interest in what the left is pushing. Are we to become the next Greek or Roman culture that worship deities that this is all ok? Take this in. Think about it. Is this what you want for your child or the children of your children? My guess is no for those of you that are sane.

But I want to take a step back a couple of thousand years. Yep, here we go. Lot was told by the angels sent to him to leave Sodom and Gomorrah because it had become the center of prostitution, homosexuality, rape and child abuse. Those cities were burned to the ground. Go ahead. Look it up. Research has it that those two cities burned to the ground with a deluge of brimstone.

The Greek and the Roman empires were no different and slid to their destruction along with the collapse of their morals. We all face a final judgement. Those written in the Book of Life will be spared the horrors of Hell and the Lake of Fire of those that are not written therein.

Hell is the final chapter for those that have not accepted Christ as their savior and they will be punished according to their deeds. I, for one, do not want to spend an eternity paying for the lack or morals that slap us in the face every day.

Do you side with the porn that is streaming on Netflix or are you one that is demanding that Netflix removes this content from their menu?

After all, I’m jus’ sayin’…

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