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Saul Alinsky And The War On The Police

Saul Alinsky
Saul Alinsky, the father of Community Organizing with a strong aversion to welfare programs, is pictured on a street on Chicago’s south side, on Feb. 16, 1966. Photo credit: AP.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – For a person who has been dead for 48 years, you wouldn’t think he had anything much to do with the havoc and mayhem that is happening in many of our town and cities across the country, but, YES, he has had an influence on what has been happening to our country, and not for the better.

Saul Alinsky, the father of Community Organizing, with acolytes being Barack Obama (who taught a class on Alinsky at the University of Chicago) and Hillary Clinton (who wrote a thesis on Alinsky during her college years), is the prophet of gloom and doom through his discredited book called Rules for Radicals. This book is the “bible” for most of the lefty lunatics trying to undermine our country today (most of whom reside in the Democrat Party).

Here are some of the “rules” put down by Saul Alinsky which the left is using to foment anger, distrust, and suspicion on our law enforcement establishment.

  1. Pick a target (the police and law enforcement).
  2. Freeze it.
  3. Polarize it (all cops are bigots and racists).
  4. Attack it (using most of the main stream media as attack dogs).


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Those are the marching orders used by the left as they demonize the very people who are sworn to protect us, law enforcement.

This diabolical attack on law and order around the country is totally anti-American, as the major goal of their actions is the overthrowing of our republic form of government, and the instituting of a form of Marxism/ Socialism in place of our system of free enterprise Capitalism.

The few unfortunate instances of the police using force, sometimes deadly, are just what these “Alinskyites” are looking for as an excuse to maim, pillage, burn, and sometimes murder innocent people, besides harassing the police and other law enforcement personnel trying to maintain order.

The two groups carrying out this mayhem and illegal behavior are BLM (Black Lives Matter) and ANTIFA (an anti-Fascist Fascist group). These violent groups are organized and financed by the “evil” George Soros, and some naive corporations who think that they are contributing to social justice reform.  Instead they are contributing, many millions of dollars, to the destruction of major sections of various cities, mainly run by liberal Democrat mayors and city councils (with some lefty governors thrown into the mix).

It is a sad state of affairs that one of the two prominent political parties in the United States, the Democrats, is not joining in on the condemnation of what those radical domestic terrorist groups are doing around the country.  In fact, during the past Democrat Convention, not a word was spoken to voice condemnation of BLM and ANTIFA.  Only after the poll numbers of Biden and the Democrats began to tank, did they come out with a mild form of condemnation.

So yes, that person, Saul Alinsky, although being dead for 48 years, still has a profound effect upon the disorder and insurrection occurring in our country today.

All law abiding citizens, who love and respect our country, must reject the aforementioned groups perpetrating the insidious campaign of destruction.  On that note, it is imperative that we re-elect Donald Trump come November to bring some semblance of law and order back to our great country.

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