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The Myth of Endemic Police Racism

The Myth of Endemic Police Racism
Unidentified Participant Confronting The Police With A Shirt With Portrait Of George Floyd During The Protest March Against Police Violence Over Death Of George Floyd. Los Angeles – May 30, 2020. Editorial credit: Hayk_Shalunts /, LICENSED.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – To listen to the Democrats, the main stream media, and the radical domestic terrorists (BLM and ANTIFA), you’d think that the police are targeting black people for execution on an almost regular basis.  The answer to that charge of “endemic racism” is an absolute NO.

According to the UCR (Uniform Crime Reporting program of the FBI) the claim of police misconduct (mainly racism) is grossly misleading.

Here are the facts: In 2019, there were approximately 10 million arrests by police. Out of these 10 million arrests there were 1,004 police officer involved fatalities – that is .01% of all arrests. Out of those 1,004 police officer involved fatalities, 41 subjects were UNARMED. That comes out to be .00041% of all arrests.

Out of those 41 police officer involved unarmed fatalities, 19 were white (.00019%), 9 were black (.00009%). In contrast, 89 police officers were killed in the line of duty. Where are the protests about those deaths of law enforcement officers? In fact, the police are 18 ½ times more likely to be killed by a black man than an unarmed black man would be killed by a policeman. Maybe the word “endemic” should be applied to the killing of policeman?

So if the charge of “endemic” police racism is debunked, what about the “endemic” killing of blacks by blacks in most of the inner cities of Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland, New Orleans etc.

In fact, in just one weekend in Chicago, 82 people were shot and 18 died.  All were the result of black on black shootings. Why aren’t the BLM thugs, if they care about the lives of blacks, and the “race hustlers”, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, concerned enough to demonstrate against the black on black killings which far out shadow the killing of blacks by the police?

It seems these professional “racial arsonists” only get excited when a white policeman kills a black person, but not when a black person kills a policeman (not only white policemen but also black policemen).  Just recently a young black policeman was killed in St. Louis by a black killer.  Also, awhile back in Minneapolis, a retired black policeman, David Dorn, was killed by a black person as he tried to defend a friends store. Where are the demonstrations for those senseless black on black killings of police officers?

We have two groups of “radical domestic terrorists” causing most of the havoc, arson, looting and police assaults and some murders of innocent people, they are BLM and ANTIFA goons who are attacking and pillaging Democrat controlled towns, cities and states. In many cases, the police, in these towns and cities, are manned by many black policemen and by black chiefs of police. It’s just a matter of time before these terrorists expand their destructive activities when the next police shooting of a black person occurs. These radical groups, who are funded by outside groups, including George Soros, are just waiting for the next incident to mobilize for an attack.

So yes, the myth of “endemic police racism” is a term thrown around willy-nilly just to incite havoc and mayhem around the country. Law and order is one of the main items to be discussed in this presidential campaign. Our incumbent president, Donald Trump, is the one who has taken up the cudgel against these groups that are causing the violent disorder around the country. The Democrats seem to not want to condemn these groups for fear of losing the support of the radical elements of their party. In their convention, not one word of opposition to BLM or ANTIFA was spoken.

This silence is all the more reason to re-elect President Trump for a 2nd term, as he, during a second term, will not have to worry about being re-elected and can use the power of the presidency to take on these radical domestic terrorists and neutralize them.

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