Your Choice: Hero or Villain?

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(Left) President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence on stage together at a campaign rally at the Giant Center. Editorial credit: Evan El-Amin / (Right) Joe Biden and Kamala Harris make 1st appearance as running mates ABC News.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – We have admired the heroes and despised the villains in history and story. We have even dreamed of heroically saving the innocent from bondage and death. We’ve imagined defeating villains and sworn to never be like them. 

Here’s an intriguing depiction of heroic King Leonidas refusing to kneel to diabolical King Xerxes at the Battle of Thermopylae: 300 Spartans

Let’s consider some the basic differences between heroes and villains. 

  • Heroes consistently fight for freedom. Villains seek to enslave. 
  • Heroes are willing to work. Villains live by theft
  • Villains are willing to kill for what they want. Heroes protect and rescue.
  • Villains are deceptive and live by the lie. Heroes love the truth.
  • Heroes are loving to the point of sacrifice. Villains are selfish, even to the point of sexual exploitation.
  • Heroes honor the rule of law. Villains defy the law and prefer mob rule.
  • Villains destroy families. Heroes protect and preserve families.

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How do you measure up? Are you thinking and acting like a hero or villain? Feeling guilty? The good news is that sincere repentance can transform a villain into a hero.

Politically speaking, who are the heroes and villains? Which party is fighting for freedom and which one is fighting against it? Which party is trying to protect private property, and which one is trying to redistribute (steal) it? Which party believes in killing babies and anyone else for the good of the collective? Which party believes “the end justifies the means” to the point that it is OK to lie and cheat to get power? Which party is promoting sexual exploitation through radical genderism? Which is the party of law and order, and which one is promoting mob rule?

Following sensible principles and policies makes it easy to identify heroes and villains. The hard part is to avoid being pressured or tricked into endorsing a villain. Never has it been more crucial to make the right choice for yourself and your country. Support of leftist villainy will result in misery and death. Supporting imperfect but beneficial leaders like Donald Trump is heroic.

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