POLL: Support for “BLM” Plummets In Aftermath of Unrest As Proverbial American Dream Gets Crushed Beneath Heels of “Peaceful Protesters”

Fire Fighters put out a fire from the protest riots the night before. Saint Paul, MN. May 30th 2020 - Editorial credit: AndrewStecker /, licensed.
Fire Fighters put out a fire from the protest riots the night before. Saint Paul, MN. May 30th 2020 – Editorial credit: AndrewStecker /, licensed.

MADISON, WI – According to a new poll recently conducted by Charles Franklin of the Marquette School of Law, attitudes and favorability towards Black Lives Matter and the protests against police have dropped significantly in Wisconsin, particularly among white respondents who have gone from a 22 point net positive view, down to -5 point net view. Or in other words, where once there was a plurality of support for the movement and protests in general, opinions have dropped to such a degree where white respondents now view the movement negatively.

This comes on the back of news that insurance companies in some cases will not pay out enough money to cover damages incurred during riots. Such is the case of the Sports Dome retail complex in Minneapolis-Saint Paul. As originally reported by the Star Tribune the building was heavily damaged in protests and was promptly condemned and demolished by the local government.

Police and National Guard in riot gear stand guard against protesters in South Minneapolis. Minneapolis, MN, May 30th 2020. Editorial credit: AndrewStecker /, licensed.

The Kim Family, who owned the building were then presented with a $140,000 fee, just to have the wreckage hauled away. This was particularly devastating for the Kims who discovered that their insurance policy would only reimburse them $25,000 potentially leaving them on the hook for a further $115,000 before factoring in the costs to rebuild the lost property.


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There’s is not the only case; just a few blocks away Ruhel Islam a small business owner operating his Indian restaurant Gandhi Mahal has been billed $125,000 with insurance covering a paltry $50,000 worth of damages. Yet another small business owner is Faisal Damaag an immigrant operating Chicago Furniture Warehouse. His proverbial American Dream has been crushed beneath the heels of protestors with his business destroyed leaving him facing $133,000 in damages with his insurance only covering $25,000. Though the city has promised to contribute a further $25,000 – it has been 11 weeks since Damaag has heard from them, and this money is now in doubt.

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