Liberal Bill Maher Says He’s ‘Very Nervous’ About Election After Watching Kentucky A.G. Daniel Cameron’s Speech at Republican Convention


NEW YORK, NY – During an MSNBC interview on Friday, liberal show host Bill Maher admitted that he is feeling “very nervous” about Biden’s chances in the 2020 election after watching the success of the Republican National Convention, specifically mentioning one moving speech by Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

“Look, I’m feeling very nervous…. the same way I did four years ago at this time,” Maher said, with report indicating he also added, “Maybe it’s just their convention bump got to me, but I’m feeling less confident than I was a month ago”.

At one point during the speech, The A.G. laughed and told the audience,

“Let’s be honest… No one is excited about Joe Biden… and so I ask you to judge the record. On criminal justice reform, Joe Biden… couldn’t do it, but President Trump did. On the economy, Joe Biden… couldn’t do it, but President Trump did build an economy that worked for everyone, especially minorities, and he will do it again. And on immigration, Joe Biden promises more to illegal immigrants than he does to you. But President Trump believes his highest duty is to the American worker. The choice is clear.”

Cameron, born and raised in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, is the 51st Attorney General of Kentucky. He is the first Republican elected to the office since 1944 and the first African-American attorney general of the state.

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