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The Two Biggest Cons in Town: BLM and ANTIFA

Protest in downtown Portland. Police officers, sheriffs, the Department of Homeland Security, Antifa, and BLM meet in the street. Portland, Oregon,June 29, 2019. Editorial credit: Robert P. Alvarez /, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – To listen to the Democrats and the pundits on CNN and MSNBC, and the “anti-racist racists”, you’d think that both the BLM and the ANTIFA anarchists were both “peaceful demonstrators” just airing their grievances about police brutality. Can you believe that? Even during the Democrat convention there was no mention of the damage and the carnage committed by these two “peaceful” groups.

You wonder what planet the Democrats are living on as they continue to ignore the damage and havoc that these two groups have caused around the country.

These so-called “civil rights organizations”, are financed, to a great extent, by that “patron saint” of anarchy, George Soros, who has donated millions to these groups who want to overthrow our government. They use the deaths of black men or women as an excuse to go on these rampages in the various Democrat-run cities. They couldn’t care less about the persons being killed,  they just needed the killing to justify their abhorrent behavior.

Both BLM and ANTIFA are Marxist oriented groups who want to overthrow our government. They make no bones about it. But, why would so-called law abiding citizens and corporations donate money to their cause? From what it looks like, it is a “shakedown” racket pure and simple. These naive people and companies think that they are going to buy peace from these groups, that might pick them out as targets for their mayhem in the future.  Little do these misguided people and companies realize that you can’t appease these anarchist groups of their goal of undermining our country into one day becoming a Marxist/Socialist state.

The groups BLM and ANTIFA, are creatures of the social media. They wait for some incident to happen, mainly between the police and a black person, then they mobilize their forces through the social media outlets to congregate for action where the incident occurred. The undisciplined mob, mostly people in their teens and twenties, who respond to the call for action, come prepared for battle with bricks, bats, hammers, frozen water bottles, fireworks etc. to throw at or taunt the police or other counter groups who oppose them. The problem is that the politicians, who run the cities and states being attacked, turn a blind eye on the rioters and make excuses for their behavior, which makes the situation worse. Most all of these cities and states are run by liberal Democrats, that’s not a political statement, that is an irrefutable fact.

This coming election for president is going to be one of the most important elections in our lifetime. If the Biden/Harris team gets elected, you’ll see more disgraceful attempts at the overthrow of our country. That is why it is so important that President Trump gets re-elected in November. He will be the law enforcement president that, hopefully, will bring back sanity in our lives, without the constraints of him having to get re-elected. He will be free to do the right thing in putting this insurrection down. He is and will be the law enforcement president that we so dearly need.

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