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Can Hatred of Trump Carry the Democrats to Victory?

democratic convention
A Democrat Party, so devoid of positive policies to make the lives of its citizens better, was on display in all its glory at the Democrat Convention. File photo, Editorial credit: Mark Reinstein /, licensed. Philadelphia, July 27, 2016, Democratic National Convention.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – During the four-day Democratic Convention, the main theme was Trump is “evil” and Biden is good. In contrast, what were the policies that the Democrats wanted to pursue to make the U.S. citizens lives better? I guess they didn’t have any as all you heard was that President Trump was responsible for everything bad in our country and around the world, and nothing good has been done by him or his administration.

No matter who they had in their lineup of speakers, they all voiced the same inane comments – Trump must go and in his place, Sleepy Joe Biden.

The hatred and venom toward President Trump dripped from the lips of the Democrat speakers as they tried to prop up their less than charismatic candidate in Joe Biden. You’d think that Donald Trump was the second coming of the devil, as they mentioned his name with scorn and derision. I realize that an opposing party doesn’t want to praise their opponent, but the vituperation toward Trump was over the top to say the least.

They claimed that all the positive policies of Trump, instituted during his term of office, were nothing but empty gestures that needed a good dose of radical Democrat policies in order to “transform” the United States, into a Bernie Sanders America.

During this boring gathering of Democrat politicians, no mention was made of the violence, looting, and arson that is happening in Democrat-run towns and cities; no mention was made about the illegal aliens crossing the border or that they wanted to give them free health care and college besides making them citizens; no mention was made of the border wall, being erected by Trump, that has curtailed the inflow of invading hordes of illegals, and no mention was made of the fact that most fatalities of the COVID-19 virus was greatest in states run by liberal Democrats, especially in the senior citizen rest and nursing homes. But, over and over again, the charge that Trump was at fault for the virus and not that the virus was originated in China, was repeated by most speakers. You wonder what planet these phony Trump accusers were living on?

A Democrat Party, so devoid of positive policies to make the lives of its citizens better, was on display in all its glory at the Democrat Convention.  In their haste to trash Trump, they trotted our bevy of “Never Trumper” Republicans (a/k/a RINO’s) to try to show that even members of his own party wanted him to lose the election. In addition, they highlighted the Bonnie & Clyde of Democrat politics, Bill Clinton and his enabler wife Hillary, a perverted “horndog” and his wife, a designated sore loser. These are the same people who claim that Trump is morally bankrupt.

Prominent speakers included comrade Bernie Sanders and his protege, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose policies Joe Biden has attached himself to, and then claimed that he is a “moderate”. I guess you could say that he is a “moderate Marxist/Socialist”. Also the Obama’s, Barack and Michelle, joined the chorus that Trump was leading us to “hell in a hand basket”, mainly because he has undone the failed legacy of the Obama years.

Whenever they mentioned Trump’s name, it was always about his personality and demeanor and not about his policies, which they realize have been beneficial to the vast majority of the American people, but don’t want to admit it.

So, in conclusion, I believe that exhibiting visceral hatred toward President Trump will not carry the day for the Democrats in the upcoming election.  People are looking for something that will make their lives better, saying that their candidate is morally better than his opponent, just won’t hack it.  It’ll be Trump the victor again much to the chagrin of bankrupt Democrats.

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