Alert Neighbors Help Deputies Apprehend Two Teen Burglary Suspects In Spring Hill


SPRING HILL, FL – On Tuesday, August 18, 2020 at approximately 9:27 a.m., numerous citizens living in the Regency Oaks community in Spring Hill called to report two suspicious individuals who were knocking on the doors of various houses in the area. Deputies arrived on scene and located the two juvenile suspects. Both teens were found in possession of alcoholic beverages.

The teens, identified as Joshua, 14 and Faith, 15, admitted to obtaining alcoholic beverages by breaking into a nearby home. Upon further investigation, the teens admitted to committing several residential and vehicle burglaries in the area earlier that morning. Joshua and Faith told deputies they hid the items in some nearby shrubbery upon realizing neighbors were watching them.

A victim residing on Botanical Drive was home at the time the teens attempted to break into his home. Another victim living on Gaston Street was also home when the teens attempted to break into her home. The teens were unable to provide a complete list of all the vehicles and homes they either burglarized or attempted to burglarize.

Joshua was charged with two counts of occupied residential burglary, which were enhanced to first-degree felonies due to him living in Pasco County and coming to Hernando County to commit the crimes. He also faces a charge of possession of alcohol by a minor. Faith faces charges of occupied residential burglary (two counts) and possession of alcohol by a minor. Additional charges are pending further investigation.

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Editors note: The teens names were released by law enforcement, however, they are being withed by the discretion of Published Reporter editors.

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