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An Eye-Opening Awakening for a South Florida Lifelong Democrat

Ben and Trump
Then candidates Donald J. Trump and Ben Carson hold their hands over their hearts at CNN republican presidential debate at Venetian, December 15, 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo credit: Joseph Sohm /, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – I met my old Brooklyn boyhood friend, Bernie, for breakfast last week in the Gaza Strip familiarly known as West Delray Beach. He was raised, as I, during WWII, in a lower class, five member immigrant family, housed in a two bedroom, one bath Brooklyn apartment. Of course, we were all Umbilical-Cord-Jewish-Democrats. Fierce believers but totally loyal to our country, knowledgeable about its history and respectful of its flag. I matured politically and eventually saw the light while he did not. We still get along. A short description of Bernie: He sold off his successful tie manufacturing business and now lives in a magnificent Boynton Beach home costing more than his Dad earned in his entire lifetime. He’s still rooted in his Democrat religion, now badmouths this country and like so many of the Jewish Left, is not so supportive of Israel.

But… and there’s a “but,” as usual. As a result of the information in the links (below) I sent him a few weeks ago, that he understands very well, he’s scared to death of the threats to his neighborhood, property and savings if his Democrat Party retains the House, turns the Senate and wins the White House. Now he’s very familiar and well read up on “Agenda 21” the United Nations proposal which the Obama/Biden administration was starting to implement with its own AFFH or “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” ruling which would have our own Florida suburban developments destroyed by the Fed’s power over mortgages, grants, taking over local zoning and writing and approving civil rights laws for forceful residential integration purposes. President Trump abolished the embryonic growth of these laws with a Presidential ruling but a President Biden would re-institute them in a heartbeat.

I’ll leave you to open and read for yourself the links above. Please go over them as carefully as Bernie did to get the full gist of the plans the Democrat Party has for our South Florida communities. Ted Deutch, Lois Frankel and the rest of the local leaders in the Party know them all too well. That’s why prior to the election they and the media are all mum on it.

If after learning the truth, Bernie was scared enough to plan on voting Republican for the first time in his life, there must be something to these plans. Ask your local community insider/representative about the planned abolishment of the lily white “Over 55 Communities” through legislation, re-zoning and litigation, in favor of high rise, high density, integrated housing to accommodate families. Oh, and for the first time my buddy picked up the check in gratitude for this information. A landmark move on his part!

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