Sheriff: Preliminary Data Shows Crime Down in Unincorporated Hernando County and City of Brooksville

Weeki Wachee
Linda Pederson Park and Jenkins Creek Preserve in Hernando County, Florida. Weeki Wachee preserve where the family can enjoy bank fishing . Has a 40 foot observation tower. Springhill,Florida, Nov.19,2019. Photo credit: Linda White Wolf /, licensed.

BROOKSVILLE, FL – Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis has announce that the crime rate remains on the decline in both unincorporated Hernando County and the City of Brooksville.

In the latest preliminary crime statistics reported to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for the period of 01-01-2020 to 06-30-2020, unincorporated Hernando County experienced an overall reduction in the crime rate of 8.7%. The 8.7% decrease continues the downward trend from the 19.1% drop in overall crime reported for all of 2019.

The City of Brooksville fared even better. For the period of 01-01-2020 to 06-30-2020, the City of Brooksville saw an overall decrease of 12.3 percent in the crime rate. A comparison of 2019 crime statistics in Brooksville to 2018 is unavailable due to the HCSO taking over law enforcement duties for the city in mid-2018.

For seven of the last eight years, unincorporated Hernando County has experienced a decrease in crime (2014 saw a 0.2% increase). The mid-year numbers for 2020 are showing the same downward trend.


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In the first six months of 2020, unincorporated Hernando County experienced significant decreases in the following areas:

Property Crimes – Down 10.8%

  • Burglary – Down 17.6%
  • Larceny – Down 10.1%

Violent Crimes – Up slightly 1.2%

  • Rape – Down 26.7%
  • Aggravated Assault – Down 4.5%
  • The 1.2% increase in Violent Crimes is due to an increase of THREE total crimes from 247 in 2019 to 250 in 2020 for the same six-month period.

Additionally, these comparisons do not factor in an increase in population.

The mid-year clearance rate (Cases Solved) for unincorporated Hernando County registered at 42.6%.

In the first six months of 2020, the City of Brooksville also experienced significant decreases in the following areas:

Violent Crimes – Down 12%

  •  Aggravated Assault – Down 17.6%

Property Crimes – Down 12.4%

  • Burglary – Down 54.2%
  • Motor Vehicle Theft – Down 20%
  • Larceny – Down 2.8%

The mid-year clearance rate (Cases Solved) for the City of Brooksville is also impressive, coming in at 56.3%.

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