Narcotics Search Warrant Lands One Man In Jail On Felony Drug Trafficking Charges In Charlotte And Sarasota Counties

Joseph Paris Vine
Joseph Paris Vine, 45, was transported to the Charlotte County Jail without bond and charged with trafficking heroin, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, marijuana possession, possession or use of drug paraphernalia and possession with intent to sell.

PORT CHARLOTTE, FL – A search warrant was executed August 11th, at the residence of Joseph Paris Vine, 45, located at 838 Spring View Avenue in Port Charlotte. After the SWAT team deemed the residence safe to enter, detectives entered the home to find Joseph Vine in the master bedroom with Rachelle Hayes. Both Hayes and Vine were detained and taken outside as detectives conducted a thorough search of the residence.

Upon the search of Vine, he was found to be in possession of $458.00. Within the master bedroom where Vine and Hayes were located, Narcotics detectives found a WD-40 can on the ground in front of the bed. Detectives described the can as feeling off in weigh and was able to unscrew the bottom. Inside the can, approximately 14.7 grams of heroin in three separate baggies and 88 Alprazolam pills were located.

Inside a trash can in the master closet, was a can of “Glass Cleaner”. Detectives were able to twist the bottom off of the can and inside approximately 8.1 grams of methamphetamine, 1.7 grams of heroin, and four Methadone Hydrochloride pills were discovered. Inside the same closet, deputies continued to search and located a single plastic baggie containing 2 Alprazolam pills and 1.8 grams of marijuana. On a shelf in the closet, over $3,000.00 was located. On a different top shelf, in a red and black Jordan backpack, another $800.00 dollars was located.

Detectives then focused their search to the master bathroom. Inside the bathroom a paint can was opened. Inside the paint can, a plastic baggie was located containing over $37,000.00.

Outside the residence, a search of Vine’s black 2004 Cadillac SUV yielded 20 pills identified as Alprazolam. Vine was transported to the Charlotte County Jail without bond on the following charges:

  • Heroin – Trafficking More 4 Grams Less 30 kg
  • Possess Cntrl Sub WO Prescription
  • Possess Cntrl Sub WO Prescription
  • Drug Paraphernalia – Possession or Use Of
  • Other Contr Subst Sched III or IV – Possess with Intent to Sell

At the time of arrest, Vine additionally held an active felony warrant for Conspiracy to Traffic Heroin out of Sarasota County. He has 30 prior arrests in Sarasota County and 19 felony drug convictions. Hayes was not arrested.

Drug activity can be reported to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office at 941-639-0013 or by placing an anonymous tip via our mobile app. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is not only dedicated to removing illegal drugs off our streets, and putting dealers behind bars, but also addiction recovery.

Sheriff Prummell implemented the Sheriff’s Drug Recovery Initiative in 2016, offering free detox to those suffering from addiction. CCSO understands that jail is not the correct placement for addicts making offering a way out of utmost importance. For more information on the Sheriff’s Drug Recovery Initiative, please contact 941-639-2101.

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