Body Worn Camera Footage Captures Miami-Dade Police Officers Saving Four Year Old Boy from Drowning


MIAMI, FL – Miami-Dade Police Department officers saved a 4 year-old from drowning after jumping in to save his mother. According to authorities and body-cam footage, on Friday, July 10, 2020, at approximately 3:34 a.m., Officers Sergio Cordova, Anthony Martin, Joseph Metka, and Edwin Ramos responded to a call regarding several people drowning in the canal at the rear of a property.

Additional information was received advising that a four year old child had jumped into the water to try to save his mother. Upon their arrival, Officers Metka, Cordova, Ramos, and Martin jumped the fence to gain entry into the property. Once at the rear, they observed a mother and her child in the canal in duress. Officer Cordova positioned himself on the embankment of the canal while Officer Martin held his belt and legs so he could attempt to reach the mother and her child.

The mother appeared to be intoxicated and refused to comply with rescue attempts. After numerous attempts to save the child, the child’s mother pushed herself away from the officers, with the child in her arms and began to disappear momentarily into the murky water. Officer Cordova made another attempt and successfully grabbed a-hold of the child’s arms, pulling him to safety and into the waiting arms of Officer Martin. Once the child was out of the water and being attended to by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue (MDFR), Officer Cordova again placed himself on the embankment and pleaded with the mother to extend her hands so that he could pull her to safety.

Fearing that the mother may be under the influence of drugs and not able to determine if she was in need of assistance, Officer Edwin Ramos tossed a lifeguard ring buoy into the water and pulled her to safety. The officer’s, who are assigned to the Intracoastal District, were wearing body worn camera footage which captured some of the scene.

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