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Op-ed: They’ll Never Make Me Apologize for My “White Privilege”

Oprah Winfrey on AppleTV
Oprah Winfrey on an episode of her AppleTV+ show, The Oprah Conversation, with guest and former NFL linebacker Emmanuel Acho. Winfrey, 66, is worth $2.5 billion, according to Forbes. She said that ‘no matter what,’ white people still have a ‘leg up’. Credit: Apple TV+

BOCA RATON, FL – When Chuck Schumer, Jerrold Nadler and Nancy Pelosi pass laws that demand I do it, I won’t. I’ll refuse to do it when Biden’s replacement as president signs it into law. Even if, on her last day on earth, Ruth Bader Ginsberg casts the deciding court vote affirming the law forcing me to do it, I still won’t. Even if my neighbors, hidebound to the Democrat Party, jeer me, taunt me and put their knees on my neck, I’ll still refuse to do it. I’ll go down fighting refusing ’till my last breath to… apologize for being White. I was born this way and very frankly, never thought of White Privilege. Neither did I think of Sight Privilege for being born with the ability to see, while others sadly, were not.

And now that the Goddess of All Things Good, Oprah, demands that whites bow down to the Black God, I’m really concerned. We see rabbis, self anointed Jewish spokespeople and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the umbrella group for most Jewish organizations, take the knee for deceased thug, George Floyd. This career criminal fathered at least 5 kids, with countless women, rarely seeing and never supporting them. He should be my role model? I should heed the words of Al Sharpton? Or nod my head to the dumb statements uttered from the mouth of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar?

Never will I do that. Why? Because the thought of White Privilege or White Pride never occurred to me. I never thought growing up in a two bedroom, one bath apartment with four others, was an indication of White Privilege. Nor were my one pair of new shoes a year. Nor were my baseball shoes, made from last year’s dress pair with metal spikes riveted in by our shoe guy, Mr. Gervasi. But I was raised with some things these closet racists who point the finger of accusation at Whites never state. I was brought up and nurtured by two parents (male and female) who lived together and loved their kids. I had a father who waited on tables in three different restaurants each day to support his family. I had parents, both immigrants, who came to this country not knowing a word of English, who brought into the home tons of books for my brother and me to read even before we could walk. They saw to it that we went to school each and every day. They watched over us, marveling as we did our geometry and chemistry homework. They were filled with patriotic pride as their kids, first generation Americans hung the flag from our windows on holidays and got into the best public high school in the country… on our merits… not skin color, religion, height or weight. On our own.

So, these people can take this White Privilege, White Supremacy crap that they accuse me of, and shove it. I don’t need to watch football, basketball or my favorite, baseball any more. They’ve lost me for good. They can all take the racist BLM logo and tattoo it on their asses. I will kneel only for those heroes of mine who fell on the battlefields to protect us. For those cops who gave their lives to keep us safe from the likes of George Floyd. But for those black and white racists who look like the fools they are as they lecture to me that I was born with privilege, I say, “Kiss my ass!” And when they come for me because I refuse to follow the crowd, they’ll have a problem. I believe in the Second Amendment.

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