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Which is More Important, Trump’s Personality or Your Pocketbook?

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Then President-Elect Trump makes a proud gesture during his speech at a “Thank You” Tour rally held in Hershey, PA – December, 2016. Photo credit: Evan El-Amin /, licensed. Vice president and 2020 presidential candidate Biden holds a rally in Dallas, Texas on the eve of Super Tuesday. Photo credit: Oscar Ivan Lopez /, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – It has been reported that many people want to vote against President Trump (instead of just voting for Joe Biden), because they don’t like his personality, but they must ask themselves, which affects them more in life, his personality or their pocketbook? (A Pew Research Center poll said that compared to other presidents, news reports about Trump were more focused on his personality than his policy.

I can’t believe that the voters would be so dense as to “cut off their noses to spite their faces”, because that’s what they would be doing if that thought carried the day. Nobody is perfect, even the President of the United States. President Trump is not the smoothest, most tactful person in expressing himself, but should that take precedence over his policies that, by all objective people, have been beneficial to most people in the United States.

The phrase, that is taken from the Gospel of John in the bible of “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone”, might be applied to the people who are obsessed with the personality and character of Donald Trump. The bible states that we are all sinners and that only those who are faultless have the right to pass judgment on others. Since no one is faultless, they can’t pass judgment on President Trump. It does not mean that you have to approve of him, his lifestyle, in the past or in the present, but when judging a leader, more than personality or demeanor should be considered in deciding if that person is doing a competent job in performing his duties as president.

The choice this November is, should be whether President Trump’s job performance should be rewarded by re-electing him back for a second term. The choice between President Trump and Joe Biden is quite easy to discern, do you want continued economic success or do you want the government to be the major force in our lives.

During his first three years, President Trump presided over the best economy in modern history, but then the China virus hit us like a sledge hammer and we had to shut down our booming economy to combat this plague. We are now trying to bring our economy back to where it was before the China virus hit us.

The Democrats seem hellbent on taking the road that they should do all that they can to keep things from succeeding so that it hurts Trump’s chances for re-election, so that they can reclaim control of the government. It seems politics takes precedence over our economy and citizen well-being. I don’t think the majority of voters will use personal animus against Trump, as their 401K goes into the dumper.

Voters – use your head not your emotions – you and your family deserve a strong economy not a Marxist/Socialist disaster like we see in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. Remember, as Bill Clinton’s surrogate, James Carville, once stated, “It’s the economy, stupid”. Keep that in mind when casting your ballot for president. KEEP AMERICA GREAT – VOTE FOR DONALD J. TRUMP for re-election.

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