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The 13% Racial Housing Solution Will Hit Palm Beach County Hard

Ted Deutch  Lois Frankel
As mentioned in last week’s story, Congressman Ted Deutch (Florida’s 22nd District) and Congresswoman Lois Frankel (Florida’s 21st District) have indicated their support, but not in writing. They are cautious and will hold off until after the election to take a stand. Photo credit: (left) Gregory Reed /, licensed, (right) C-SPAN.

BOCA RATON, FL – In my article last week outing proposed plans of the local residential associations such as the West Boca Community Council and the Coalition of Boynton West Residential Associations (COBWRA), all led by Democrats, to fall in line with the Biden/Progressive plans to racially restructure Palm Beach County, did not fall upon deaf ears.

When this well kept secret was revealed, homeowners of all political stripes were up in arms that their communities would be destroyed to placate the Black Lives Matter Movement. They shared the news and made phone calls. Their community leaders are now up against the wall. This racial equality drive, or the “13% Movement,” as it is known, is based on the black population being 13% and militants’ demand that number be used in setting racial quotas throughout the country. Affected would be job hiring, schools, government and housing in mainly white suburban communities such as Palm Beach County. The plan would be similar to the failed school busing program that moved kids, black and white, out of their neighborhoods to meet racial quotas.

The national percentage of blacks is 13% and the Democrat Party promises to apply these percentages to reconfigure population-wise, suburban communities such as ours once Biden and his party are in control. Gated, walled communities would be required to submit to authorities the numbers of whites, blacks and other minorities in residence. Quotas would be set up and real estate agents, banks and sellers would be legally pressured to sell or rent homes in a manner to achieve racial balance.

In addition, Democrat plans are underway to declare it illegal to have “55 and older” communities. They would be doomed. Judges will be pressured to adjudicate if such rules discriminate against families. Claims of age discrimination and bias against families will be brought before the courts.

“Why the need for a 2,500 square foot home for a couple? More housing for families and the homeless,” would be the rallying cry. Gates protecting the communities would be ruled “hostile” to outsiders. They and the security personnel would be removed to mollify the radical Progressive leadership. 

Make no mistake about it. Congresspeople Deutch and Frankel are in the know. They have shared these “orders” with the Democrat led Palm Beach County Commission who will follow them rigidly. In turn, local Democrat leaders in all of the community organizations will propagandize to their flock the need to racially integrate the community for the benefit of all.

Look no further than the chaos in Portland, New York, Seattle and Louisville to see what lengths the Radical Left/Socialist/Progressive mob will go to to achieve their goals. If you’re concerned, speak up and stand up or… give up.

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