New York Set to Expand Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle
The Public Service Commission’s “make ready” program could help add 50,000 vehicle charging stations in New York. Photo credit Shutterstock licensed.

NEW YORK, NY – In a push to meet ambitious clean-energy goals, New York is giving a major boost to the expansion of charging stations for electric cars and trucks.

The Empire State is committed to having 850,000 zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025. But the state ranks 30th in the nation for the number of electric-vehicle charging stations by population.

According to Matt Stanberry, Managing Director for Advanced Energy Economy – a national clean-energy business association – the Public Service Commission has authorized more than $700 million in incentives to facilitate the installation of new charging stations across the state.

“This type of program can support the deployment of 50,000 public access chargers, which is a substantial increase,” said Stanberry.

He said the incentives also have the potential to draw millions of dollars of additional private investment in new electric-vehicle charging infrastructure.

Transportation is the leading source of greenhouse-gas emissions in New York. But Stanberry pointed out that a recent poll found that 58% of consumers cited concerns about running out of power as a major obstacle to buying an electric car.

“And on the flip side,” said Stanberry, “61% of them cited more charging infrastructure as the number one factor that would increase the likelihood of an EV purchase.”

He said the driving range of electric vehicles also is improving with some models expected to achieve 300 to 400 miles on a single charge in the near future.

Stanberry noted that the expansion of charging infrastructure also will create thousands of jobs in planning, construction and manufacturing – jobs that will be needed as the state recovers from the impact of the COVID pandemic.

“So, the timing for this program couldn’t be better,” said Stanberry, “because this will provide a stimulative effect and really help get people back to work.”

To ensure equitable access, the rule also calls for 20% of new charging stations to be installed close to disadvantaged communities.

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