Speeding Warning Turns Into One Way Ticket to Lock Up on Numerous Drug Charges Involving Meth, Pills, Marijuana in Punta Gorda

 Kelly L. Mclaughlin, 48,
Kelly L. Mclaughlin, 48, was charged with amphetamine – trafficking more than 14 grams,
methamphetamine – possess with intent to sell, marijuana – possess not more than 20 grams, possess controlled substance without prescription, and drug paraphernalia – possession.

PUNTA GORDA, FL – During a traffic stop on Saturday evening near Duncan Roa d and Regent Drive in Punta Gorda, deputies located narcotics bring trafficked within the county. According to investigators, at around 6:44 pm Saturday evening deputies pulled over a Silver Chevy for speeding. The driver, identified as Kelly L. Mclaughlin, 48, was notified she would be receiving a warning for a speeding violation. When asked to present a valid drivers license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration, she wasn’t able to produce any.

Deputies notified Mclaughlin that a free air sniff would be conducted. A K9 officer named Shadowbird was deployed and detected multiple locations around the vehicle positive for the presence of narcotics. Mclaughlin was notified of the positive alert and deputies began to search the vehicle.

Sitting on the passenger seat was a large pile of clothes. Underneath the clothing deputies located a small baggie containing 6.5 grams of Marijuana. While searching the back seat, a large baggie containing 135 Alprazolam pills were located partially concealed by the center console.

While searching the front and rear passenger side of the vehicle, deputies opened door and a large zip lock bag wrapped in a white paper towel was discovered resting in between the driver seat and door jam. The large zip lock bag contained 5 smaller bags, each containing Methamphetamine. These individual bags were later weighed which revealed the following amounts; 83.6 grams, 55.8 grams, 27.9 grams, 27.9 grams, and 14 grams for a total weight of 213.6 grams.

Deputies additionally located a small baggie containing 4.4 grams of Methamphetamine wrapped in a $20 bill, as well as .4 grams of Marijuana loose in one of her pockets.

Mclaughin was placed under arrest for the following charges:

  • Amphetamine – Trafficking More Than 14 Grams
  • Methamphetamine – Possess with Intent to Sell
  • Marijuana – Possess not more than 20 Grams
  • Possess Controlled Substance Without Prescription
  • Drug Paraphernalia – Possession or Use Of

Mclaughlin was additionally issued a warning for the speed violation.

Drug activity can be reported to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office at 941-639-0013 or by placing an anonymous tip via our mobile app. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to removing illegal drugs off our streets and putting dealers behind bars.

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