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President Trump’s 4D Chess Game with Satan Unfolds in Real-Time

Wailing Wall
Donald Trump prays in front of the Wailing Wall. The Great Western Wall, located in Jerusalem and considered sacred by the Jews. Philistine, Israel. April 2018. Editorial credit: Photographer RM /, licensed.

WISCONSIN – Bible prophecy told us that a ‘Great Storm’ on Earth was coming, but the swiftness and fierceness with which it has attacked has taken us all by surprise. Suddenly, we are presented with the major birth pangs spoken of in prophecy in the form of a global pandemic, the defunding of law enforcement, and the vicious riots—not to mention the increased weather events, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcanoes.

And we also clearly observe that one Mr. Donald J. Trump has been chosen by Almighty God, out of all those from whom He could have hand-picked, to navigate this world as it spirals out of control.

As storylines go, it does not get any better than this—the ‘Perfect Storm’ for the Anti-Christ to come on the scene, since we already see via this pandemic how many people instantly fold to any type of direction from government.  So we knew what our Lord was going to do, in terms of end-times worldwide judgment—but now we have been presented with exactly how this will take place.

This is truly the most interesting time to be alive on planet Earth, except for the glorious occasion when Jesus Christ rode into Jerusalem humbly on a donkey—at which time the entire Universe was about to change.  Evil during that time also had spiraled out of control, just as it has now with regard to Satan’s lies and deception and destruction.  But Jesus was triumphant over all-things-evil in that day—and He will once again trample Satan underneath His Holy feet in a glorious display of great power and glory at the end of the Kingdom Age.

For now, the eternal time-clock continues on furiously…as we who believe that Jesus Christ was the Son of God who died for our sins and rose again look on in complete fascination while the sand granules of the ‘end-times hourglass’ hurl faster and faster toward the bottom half of this foreboding timepiece.

What will happen next? And how long with our Lord leave His Church of believers on Earth to proclaim His message of grace and mercy to an ever-growing indifferent America?

We know that the word ‘revelation,’ as relates to the last book in the Bible, refers to ‘reveal or unseal.’  And so it would seem that we are now in a sort of ‘pre-revealing’ stage.  Undeniably, pure and unadulterated evil has been unleashed—has been presented ‘up close and person,’ in terms of what is going on behind closed doors.

Consider what we now see in the news media; academia; the new ‘Progressive’ Democratic Party; the USA’s Deep State, Silicon Valley and all of the technocrats, including Twitter, YouTube, Google, and Facebook; banking institutions; and large corporations, many of which have buckled to the Progressive/Woke Mob—all viciously spreading indoctrination into Marxism and hatred of God and country.  These vile groups demand that everyone bow down, literally, to their ‘Woke’ god of the day—which is represented by whatever they feel like deeming as their ‘new reviled target’ for the next 24 hours.

Add to that the close to 62 million abortions in this country since Roe v. Wade.  And all of the filth that has been exposed in Hollywood and the Roman Catholic Church—and the rampant epidemics of drug abuse.  As well, our very own United States of America is the largest purveyor and exporter of pornography in the world.  We grieve the loss of innocence, especially that of our vulnerable children.  Is it any wonder that we yearn so very greatly for Our Sweet Lord and Savior…for His return and Supreme Justice?

For now, we watch as Satan’s diabolical plan unfolds, in all of its filth and depravity.  Enter one Donald J. Trump, who has been tapped to take on—with God’s backing—this never-ending cesspool, all of the muck and mire.

Those who are either witting or unwitting pawns of Satan have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this courageous man.  They are like end-stage addicts, who cannot seem to stop the behavior that is destroying them.

For over three years this brutal onslaught has been waged.  We all watched the attempted impeachment, the effort to remove Trump over the Logan Act and then the emoluments clause of the Constitution, the struggle to remove him via the 25th Amendment by declaring him unhinged, the ill-fated $35-million Mueller investigation…the list is endless.

And yet, the ‘Evil Cabal’ cannot take Trump down. And they know it. And he knows it.

Nonetheless, their new tactic is to use the pandemic and violent riots against our President. Efforts are made to shut down America’s economy under the ruse of contagion spread, and to stoke the mayhem and disorder in their cities—and then they blame these difficulties on Trump.

We of the Spirit of God watch on, wondering what will happen. Will God continue to back Trump, or will He cease to strive with this floundering Country at some point?

Believers in Christ pray for the former. And we pray that Trump continues to use spiritual weapons in this undoubtedly spiritual and extremely significant battle that is materializing in real-time, before our very eyes.

These weapons include his continued backing of the one true God of the Holy Bible. Franklin Graham has asserted that Trump has done more to back the Christian faith than any President. And we know that God has planted His ‘Bible-believing players’ within all of this country’s governmental departments, including the CIA, the Pentagon, and the State Department.

According to trusted sources, there are not a lot of these believers in Christ, but they are there, where needed—including Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo, both of whom are very well-versed in all-things-prophecy and all-things-Israel.

And let’s insert a special shout-out to Press Secretary McEnany and her ever-present Cross necklace.  Word has it that she was raised in the environment of these swamp creatures, and knows every dart that they are about to throw before it even leaves their abominable and lecherous paws.  God Bless this woman, and all of our ‘Forces for Good’ on the battlefront.

Yet the evil in this world is not confined to the national level. Trump continues to be assaulted daily by the various malicious empires around the world—China with its recent intentional release of this global pandemic in an effort to gain worldwide hegemony, Russia with its own thwarted dreams of international domination, Anti-Semitic Iran with its desire to bring on worldwide destruction to usher in their great Imam Mahdi whom they think will reappear and rescue mankind, and North Korea with its leader whose mental state is questionable at best.

With the advances in technology, the flip of a switch in the hands of these despots can easily lead to worldwide catastrophe. And these are only a few of the maniacs in power.

But going one step further, the evil is certainly not limited to even just this planet in its scope. We know that what we are seeing is actually based in spiritual warfare, and is actually good versus evil on a massive, universal scale.

And when our mind enters into this new dimension, it hearkens back to the recent sightings of UFO-type objects, and the Pentagon’s subsequent avowals that it will soon release its findings on these incidences to the public.  These sightings have been verified by highly-credentialed, highly-credible individuals—and they have confirmed that the UFO-type objects defy all laws of physics.  The one plausible answer that comes to mind for the believer involves demonic creatures—but we will have to wait to see how this scenario unfolds.

Nevertheless, in continuing on with Trump’s 4D chess match strategy, we know that the next weapon in his arsenal must be continued backing of Israel. When he moved the capital of Israel to Jerusalem, the evil ones around the world were furious. And of course Trump then officially relocated the US Embassy to Jerusalem, no doubt gaining even more frantic and furrowed brows.

Trump also must continue to support America’s roots and its Constitution—the latter of which is threaded throughout with Bible verses. This support also must continue to extend to our legal system and our founding documents. We well remember the wise words of President Truman: “The fundamental basis of this Nation’s law was given to Moses on the Mount.  The fundamental basis of our Bill of Rights comes from the teachings which we get from Exodus and St. Matthew, from Isaiah and St. Paul.”

Our President also needs to continue calling out evil for what it is. With this President, the world finally knows the vile filth that exists beneath the false veneer on so many levels—and in so many places.  He truly has laid it bare, in a multitude of different realms, for all to see.

And the stench is worse than that of a rotting carcass. And rotting is exactly what these foul instruments of Satan are doing, while we believers in Christ watch on, waiting for the last shoe to drop—the final breathtaking moment when Our Lord God ceases to strive with evil any longer!

We who know our Bibles know well that there have been three universal wars in this Age. The first was when Satan hearkened to be God, angel wars broke out, and Satan lost and was kicked out of Heaven—along with a third of the angels. The second was when Jesus Christ agreed to die for our sins in the Garden of Eden, a decision that sealed Satan’s fate!  And of course the third universal war now looms closely on the horizon. It will be the final and ultimate battle of ‘Good versus Evil.’

For now, we Believers in Christ bide our time. We follow the OTC formula:  Obey God, Trust in Him, and be Calm in Christ. And we spread Our Sweet Lord’s Gospel message wherever we can, as we eagerly await Jesus’ Rapture of His beloved Church.

We continue to hold fast to our Bibles, which provides the only comfort amidst this onslaught of evil all around us. Because for those of us who look for Almighty God’s supreme justice, thirsty for every last drop of His righteousness to come, the last book in this treasured Holy volume well lays out how this pending universal war, the notorious Battle of Armageddon, will end. Let’s read the electrifying verses of Revelation 19:11-16 together, as we absorb their miraculous power:

“Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except Himself.  He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God.  And the armies in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses. Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron. He Himself treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written:


There is only one real and true power in this universe, and that is Jesus Christ—who is King of kings and Lord of lords.  Yes, my dear fellow believers, upon Jesus’ return, the whole world will finally understand who is in really in charge!

Carry on, Sweet Soldiers of Christ!

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